Do not give into fear
I have had a number of calls lately where people are concerned and beginning to be worried over things such as their taxes and having enough for bills, groceries and daily needs. I have had people call concerned for others health and well being. The main focus is on lack or want or need. When we start to look at the empty cup verses the half full cup we set into motion the basis for fear.
Listening to the news and hearing the economy is set up for another spiral downward. We are looking at trends that are not looking healthy or positive. This begins to build fear and a mind set of lack and empty hope.
When we move into fear we have released the fear to turn into hopelessness. Once hopelessness takes hold we give our personal power away. We give our rights and our lives away, to that which is producing the fears.
The main point and reaction that I get when I am visiting with them, is that it is time to gather up their personal power their personal strength. Regain who we are what we want and need in our lives. Stop looking at that half empty cup and say I am filling this cup with my own personal power, wisdom of the ancients and ages. I own the responsibility of my own life.
What you give power to will have power over you, If you maintain and hold true to your own personal power, integrity and truth. There is no place for fear or concern. The truth of the outcomes of where you are at is but a few step away.
Looking at archetypical energy we know that if we want something bad enough all we have to do is think about it and focus on it, and it will come true. With this knowledge focus on your cares and concerns, and they will continue to evolve and become empowered. Focus on being blessed and that the manifestation powers are working; there is not room for the worries or the doubts or concerns.
Hold your truth hold your integrity. Your words and thoughts will set into motion the path and the way your path will unfold.
Be empowered to be responsible, own your own personal power.

Author's Bio: 

April Lugo, PhD: Intuitive Mentorship Coach. April is an international author, lecture, teacher and speaker. Her life mission has been on of empowering individuals to their highest potentials. April holds a PhD in Holistic Healing, Metaphysical Arts, Intuitive Life Coaching and Parapsychology. She also has a master in Psychology