Do goddesses also appear in Kali Yuga?
Goddesses have done well for the seekers in every age. An example is needed to understand this. You must have seen that all the devotees start worshiping Navadurga when the Navratris are coming. Do the devotees of Goddess Durga ever think whether the Goddess will give darshan or not? Will the goddess help us or not? Such a devotee does not think and in which all the seekers are able to practice the goddess by their own methods. Some are hungry thirsty, some are fasting with a pair of gloves, some chant a mantra and some recite Durga Saptashati. Without worrying about whether it will yield fruit or not. Everyone knows that there will definitely be fruit. Now, if we do more spiritual practice of seeing Goddess, then Goddess also gives Darshan.

You all must have seen that many weapons are beautified in the hands of Goddess Durga, but still there is no feeling of fear in the mind of any seeker. Everyone thinks that Goddess Mother (+ who worships Jagatjanani as the mother) will protect us from these weapons. So as the spirit of which the fruit falls. Apsaras, Yakshanis, etc. are their maids. The thirty-six major Yakshinias remain near her all the time as the helpers of Goddess Kalika.

When you worshiped the Mother Goddess, did some Yaksini bother you? If anyone has answers, tell me. Yes, it may be possible with sadhakas that while you are worshiping Goddess Kalika, some of these yakshanis also attract towards you but do no harm. Devotion is a form of love. Love is devotion and devotional love. For proof you see Goddess Kalika's Yantra, it is available anywhere. Look at which apsara and Yaksini worshiped before the worship of Goddess Kalika.

After the attainment of the mantra of any goddess, the mantra goes the same as that of the goddess, on which chanting, any action starts to be comfortable. This type of Siddhi is called Mantra Siddhi. If the sadhak does not pay attention to mantra siddhi and continues to perform the necessary actions with chanting of mantra, then there is no good fortune in seeing that related deity.

If there is a need to chant twelve thousand mantras to complete a task from a mantra, then to chant the mantra, one has to chant a quarter of a million mantras. According to this rule, on chanting the ten Laksh Mantras, the gods themselves come and do their work. These rules are only for great people. Small fat siddhis are proved long ago but the mantra should be initiated by the guru. Guru Kripa has great importance.

There are many methods to direct Apsara and Yaksini soon, whichever method comes to your guru or seems appropriate, they provide it to you. Beauty practice is proven only for moral and material work, it has nothing to do with salvation. To attain salvation, you should do other practices.

Beauty practices are proven in two ways. Indirect and direct.
The mantra is proved indirectly and the Goddess lives with the seeker in a subtle form. The Goddess cannot be seen in a subtle form, but all actions are proved. Generally, the benefits of these types of sadhanas occur to the seeker through various means. For example, if you need money, then you will get money through some means. None of your work will stop due to a lack of money.

Goddess always lives with the seeker in a subtle form.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 years of practical experience in astrology. She is a regular columnist in many leading newspapers in India.