Do hair transplant works? It is the most frequently asked question because when a person goes for the treatment, he wants to know if it is really worthy or not. It is a surgical restoration of hairs in which the surgeon extracts hairs from a donor site and replants them into scalps of the balding area. Hairs may fall due to age or hormonal factors, which leads to baldness. Baldness leaves a negative impact on the appearance and lowers self-esteem and self-confidence. Hair transplant has become a permanent or long-lasting solution for hair loss. It is an expensive treatment, but it is worthy of treatment. It is more successful the over-the-counter hair restoration products.
Hair transplant is not only a treatment for scalp hair restoration, but it is also used to regrow hairs at the eyebrow, but here a question arises. Do hair transplant works for eyebrow? If you are wondering, yes or no, you are at the right place. Facial hair restoration is a crucial treatment, but it really works. It is mostly performed by a cosmetic surgeon with a team of doctors. This procedure is similar to scalps. It involves harvesting, grafting, and replanting. Hair is extracted typically from the back of the head and grafted to set their diameter in order to replant perfectly with considering angle and direction. It is important to keep in mind the direction and angle because it directly affects the results.
Facial hair transplant does not only revolve around the eyebrow, but it also includes mustache and beard. Mustache transplant is another important type of hair implantation. Before starting the treatment, patients generally ask, do hair transplant works for mustache or beard? So, yes, it works for both. The success rate of facial hair treatment is 80% to 95%. It process is similar to scalp hair implantation. Usually, after 2 weeks new-planted hairs fall off and take 3 to 4 months to regrow and can take 8 to 9 months to show complete results. If the patient carefully follows post-surgery precautionary measures, there are rare chances for failure.
How do hair transplants work? It is another common question asked by the patients, whenever they go for this treatment. It has two methods, follicular unit extraction, and follicular unit transplantation. Follicular unit transplantation is also called the unit strip surgery method. In this method, the doctor cuts a strip of the skin from the back of the head and closes the incision with stitches. Then separate hair follicles from the strip of the skin with a microscope and replant them into the scalps of the balding area. The other method is the follicular unit extraction. In this method, the surgeon extracts the hairs individually with a tool called a micro punch tool. It extracts individual hair without making any predominant cut at the donor area. Then the surgeon cuts the graft and sets it according to the diameter and size and replants them at the recipient site. Now comes the question, how does hair transplants work? Hair implant is a suggested option by the doctors in order to get rid of baldness. In hair restoration, almost dead or not working scalps are replaced by the healthy and working scalps that after transplantation start to grow hairs in the bad area. Sometimes, it provides thickness to the pre-existing hair in the new area.
Whenever the question “do hair transplant works?” arises. The answer is always yes, it works for both head and facial hairs but its success rate depends on the doctor you consult and the clinic you choose, and on the patient himself. The success rate is around 80% and very rare cases of infection have reported. It is a good and long-lasting solution for hair loss. If you are thinking to get a hair transplant in Pakistan then you can click

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