Research shows that as many as 90% of people who constantly work with computers have experienced negative effects on their eyes. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is commonly referred to as strain on the eyes caused by constant computer use. Continually looking at a computer screen for prolonged periods can cause damage to your eyes.

Children and teenagers are also effected by too much use of both computers and tablets in addition to all of the related symptoms mentioned in this article. The addiction of kids to computer games also contributes to other problems such as keeping kids from their school work etcetera, but that is a topic for another occasion.

Some common warning signs of eye stress from too much computer use are: blurred vision, dry, itchy eyes, eye irritation, double vision, headaches, and straining the eyes to see by squinting. This writer has experienced many of these symptoms at times and these symptoms can be very bothersome to say the least. Up to now the only remedy I have found is to take long breaks from the computer and the copious use of a good quality of eye-drops.

Many people complain of eye-strain. Hours of sitting in front of a computer screen without taking periodic breaks leads to eye problems for most people at some point in time. CVS has become a very common problem. Some people have little choice about how much they use a computer because their work requires it. We can however use a little common sense while working. Try not to sit too close to the screen, whether computer, digital device or television.

Prolonged staring at a computer screen can irritate your eyes. Eyes dry out, become itchy, burn or turn red. Continued inappropriate use of a computer can strain your eyes causing your eyes to become sore, blurred, teary, light sensitive or to have double vision. Other physical problems can materialize also in the form of neck pain, back pain, headaches or a combination of any or all of them.

Here are some suggestions on how to avoid CVS and save your eyes. Try changing the angle of your computer screen. Instead of having the screen glare directly back into your eyes, just tilt the screen away slightly. About every 20 minutes try looking away from the screen for about 20 or 30 seconds. Place the screen no closer than 20 to 30 inches to your eyes. Breathe normally while working at your computer and remember to blink your eyes regularly - as if you are not in front of a computer.

If you already have eye problems then you are more likely to be effected by strained eyes from computer use. As we age all people are subject to cataracts which effects vision. Cataracts may be exacerbated by constantly staring at a computer screen which tends to dry the eyes. If you need glasses to see normally, by all means use them.

Following the above suggestions can improve your working health by reducing eye strain and the many symptoms that accompany strained eyes. If however, you are experiencing any of the problems any discussed in this article and they do not get better in a short period of time - please go see your doctor before you experience any permanent damage to your eyes.

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