When my baby was not yet born, I was already tremblingly choosing not only sliders and diapers, but also toys. Of course, developing! Our grandmothers could not even think that dolls and shoulder blades should not just entertain, but also develop a child, but now it's quite another time. And this is not surprising! In the age of developed technologies, adults are thinking about children-geniuses from the very diapers. The industry of children's goods is responsive to this request, giving the usual rattle the functions of intellectual development. Not many parents guess that the benefits of such "development" is exaggerated.

"Paradox, but one toy can be developing for one child, but for another - no. Every toy, even a simple rubber ball, even wooden blocks or simple plastic rattles will be developing if the child is ready for this development. But the toy with the prefix "develops" is sold faster and more expensive ", the teacher told us.

The child develops every minute, even if there are no toys nearby, he can play pebble, a spoon, mother's hair, this is also development, and expensive toys often do not even cause children's interest.
So, let’s start

Balls, bagels, balls!
Soft fabrics are useful for tiny pens, and therefore create woolen glomeruli, fur balls and fleece bagels.

What to do with them? Roll on the floor, taste, throw and hide, knead with tiny fingers.

How to make? A circle of cardboard wrap with fleece cloth, stitch it on the seam. The club can take any of its own reserves, safely hiding the edges of the thread. And the balls can be piled out of ordinary wool.

Advice: that balls and glomeruli do not disintegrate, wash them in hot water with soap. This will protect the baby if he decides to try the homemade tastes.

Sling bus - a toy for a walk
If you like to walk a crumb in a sling, but a small fidget does not agree to sit in a "cozy nest", then it's time for mom to buy beads for herself. And not simple, but slingshops - an accessory that will distract the kid in the store or in the clinic.

What to do with them crumbs? Tear, touch, move the beads, "ring" them, try on the handle, and try "in the teeth."

How to make? Not every mother can do this toy, crocheting skills are needed. Beads of different sizes must be tied with a hook and gathered on a thread in a traditional way.

Note! Threads should be strong, fairly dense, at the same time, not bright and only from natural materials, the best option - cotton.

Beads on a string
And these beads will be a real salvation during the eruption of teeth, because they are created just to gnaw them.

What to do with them? Salve in the mouth, easing the pain in the gums during eruption.

How to make? Collect the beads-bracelet from the wooden beads, observing the important rules:

Beads must be of high quality! The best material is wood, but specially processed.
The thread for stringing must be very dense, so that the child can not tear it or bite it.
Choose beads from wood of unpainted type, so that the kid does not "eat enough" of harmful substances. The paint on the tree is not good, and therefore refuse the painted details.
Little trick: To make the beads even stronger, and the beads do not spin, tie a tight knot after each strung detail.

Octopus in half an hour
Create a baby doll without using a thread and a needle? Easily! Such pupae are usually called motanki, or octopuses. Such a toy will appeal to the smallest, even newborn babies.

what to do with it? To sort out gay tentacles, to try to grasp immediately for several tentacles.

How to make? Cut out the cross from the fleece with wide "petals", cut each of the 4 petals into many narrow strips, put some cotton wool in the center of the square and assemble the figure so that the octopus turns out. Decorate it with button eyes, but sew them securely! And for greater safety, the eyes can be drawn. From thin strips weave braids - the tentacles are ready.

Ring with ribbons
This toy will be able to make even the elder brother-preschooler for a baby, and her mother will only take five minutes to make it.
What to do with it? To touch, pull, try patchwork, try to weave or untangle them.

How to make? To a thick ring of wood or plastic, tie several ribbons of different thickness and texture, use an "inverted" knot or stitch them.

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