Let me come straight to the point. A stranger once came to see the Mother. Stranger: When you are out to subdue lust all by yourself, a hundred employees of lust rally together. –‘What do you think? Is there going to be a lock-out? It can’t be.’ So you started struggling. The same is the case with greed. Thus you have to give battle to every passion.

When you are thus giving battle, the outer world begins prodding you. That is, whether it is wife or son or relatives or neighbors or friends—they ply you with their help. There is your lust and its employees. They join forces. These let in those whom you’re trying to drive away. Thus you—

Stranger: It’s none of my business to drive them away and there is no need for all this bother. If I can rest my mind in Mother, She’ll drive them away. I live in this vast domain of the Great Mother of Illusion (Mahamaya). There are lust, anger, greed—so much so much of them. I would say—we are together, my Mother and I. It is Mother who will drive them away.

Ma-Mahajnan: So you are sure mother will?

Stranger: Surely, she will. How much power do I have to drive away lust? Am I a high and mighty one—so much so that I can drive away lust and greed! I have my Mother and I am with her. When the time is ripened, Mother will drive away all of them. It’s none of my headache.

Ma-Mahajnan: What you say here leads to devotion, not reason. Now Mother says—All right son, I’ll drive them away. My heart is agog to call out for Mother.—Coming darling, I’ll help you. Saying this Mother leaves him.

He who calls now—that son of hers who calls out—‘Mother, where are you?’ Mother has to respond to his call, eh? Again he who says—‘Mother, you will do everything for me; ‘Mother has to respond to his call, too. Again he who says—‘No need. I don’t know who mother is. I don’t feel any need to call her, nor do I care for response.’

Well, is there somebody like Mother, isn’t there? Is there actually? Well, how are these creations made? Where are they from? Drop it. To hell with these things. Let me finish my task now.’ Saying this he keeps watch on the world of creation. Who goes hungry, who is sleepless, who is suffering, who is burning within—he runs in those directions.

Going on her rounds, Mother sees all that She has created. Oh, how very active this son is! Well darling, what are about there? Mother has run to that place. She has run there

—‘What are you about? When will you have your food? Come home, come home.’

He doesn’t respond. After calling for him a good many times,

Mother steps up to him.—O dear, won’t you have to eat?

–No, who are you calling me. I won’t eat

–Don’t you see it’s getting late? When will you eat?

–Getting late! What does it mean? Who has asked you to come here? Go, go–go away please.

–How can I go! I have come to call you, eh?

‘Never.’—He’s then racing towards another horizon. He has to work. He will have to work. Mother was then in a fix. She found herself in a quandary. How to call him back?

But that one says—Mother, you do everything for me, everything you’ll do, indeed.

–Yes darling, I will, I will.

Another one says—Mother, Oh Mother!
–Yes darling, coming, coming.

Do you understand? Here Mother breaks out into a wailing song at the top of her note.

The day rolls away,
O come in for your meal;
O it’s for you
That my heart bleeds here.
The day rolls away
O come in for your meal.

It’s a song sung extempore. Try to contact us, of course, if you feel at all and listen to the song from the tape, fortunately that we could collect.

However, get the essence of truth from the conclusion:

O Mother,
Your love, affection and fondness
Are, indeed all sham,
They can never–mother
Close the balance;
It’s after all
My ledger of truth.

What next? What will you say now—will you get it muddled up? It’s Mother who will get everything done? Isn’t it like that?

Absolute silence prevailed.

Author's Bio: 

Ma-Mahajnan, a matchless spiritual genius, expressed her entire creation in a state of "Conscious Trance” which has all been stuffed with matters of highly philosophical value and related with strong literary sense. She could not attend even Primary School due to extreme poverty. Strangely, she was taught all by herself in the School of Nature. The weird and wonderful life is possibly the souse of her vast experience and profound realization. She was born on 17 July, 1928 and passed away on 22 January, 2011. Listen to what Ma-Mahajnan said once: What I tell you briefly about the early phase. Listen first about my life. I was married off at the age of thirteen. I was the second wife, my husband married for the second time and thus I came into his family. I didn’t get any chance for schooling.” You’ll perhaps weep to hear how I came as a wife, driven by utter poverty or how they packed me off. After that all at once I slowly progressed in the domain of that ‘Nothingness’-- “I’m the Mother; the Nothingness, too.”