Those who are spiritually aware of the tremendous ascension energies upon us now realize that we as individuals are going through tremendous change on all levels. We are all "waking up," and beginning to remember our spritual contracts and our personal mission in this lifetime.
We have all chosen to be here and play an integral part in this phenominal ascension process.

Much is being said now also about the internal changes happening at the core level: our DNA.
In order to fully integrate the higher frequencies occuring all around us, there are Lightworkers, like myself, who provide specialized Light attunements which activate latent coding.

As a recipient of this miraculous energy work, myself, I am now given the honor of channeling AA Metatron and providing DNA code attunements to other Light workers.  Each recipient has had amazing shifts - both on the physical and spiritual levels.

As a Light Body activation, this process allows the recipient the ability to hold higher frequencies of Light in the physical form.  Latent coding is activated and, thus, the attuned is able to truly embody his or her own divine frequency, with an ease and grounding crucial to stability in these times of massive resonant shifts. 

Attunements of this nature can be done long distance, or you may be interested in attending one of my workshops which incorporates a plethora of material on the Crystalline Grid, manifestation, and basic tenets of The Keys of Enoch. Testimonies of those who have received this attunement may be found on my website under the DNA Light Activation link.

Please contact me for additional information on this amazing attunement.

Author's Bio: 

Reiki Master, Certified Energy Perception and Development,
Mystical Fochaadams Reader, Crystal Allignments,
Natural Health Consult