If you are planning an event, may it be a wedding or a party; you need to decide on a number of aspects like food, venue and the music. You could opt for a DJ, but does your event actually need a DJ, and how do you find a good one? These are some aspects that need retrospection.

In Melbourne, DJ hiring is an easy job because there are numerous agencies that provide top class DJs and independent DJs can also be found. Just make sure that they are professional and do not DJ as a hobby, only then can you expect top notch services.


Music can be an important aspect for many events, so you need to decide whether you want to hire a DJ or go for live music? Here are some instances that demand a DJ and not live music:

1. You need a Master of Ceremony (MC) with a smart personality: Hiring a DJ in such a situation would be a good idea, because he or she can act as an MC and DJs have a smart and charming personality. This will help them to interact with the crowd and keep them engaged and interested in the event.

2. A long event, from day to night with different crowd: Suppose your event is going to have families in the morning, teens in the afternoon and adults in the evening and night, you would need an able DJ, who can understand the mood of each crowd and play the appropriate music to keep them engaged. Live music will not help such an event to be a success.

3. Numerous Songs for Random Requests: If you want the music to change as per the request of the guests, then you will definitely need a DJ, who has a thousand tracks under their belt. A DJ not only has numerous songs, but also possesses thousands of songs from different genres of music. So, whatever the guest or attendees request to dance to or listen to, the DJ will be able to provide the proper song.


After you have gone through the above checklist and decided that your event does in fact need a DJ, you will need to ensure that the DJ is a professional, who will leave no stone unturned to make your event a success. Here are aspects that can help you decide which DJ to hire:

1. Early Arrival: Setting up can take a significant amount of time, so you need to make sure that the DJ arrives early. Would you really want the DJ to set up the equipment in the middle of the event?

2. Professional Behaviour: If the DJ does this as a hobby, then you should not expect professionalism. They will be more inclined towards their full-time job and not be professional DJs. Being a DJ does not only involve playing music, but has many more aspects that only a professional DJ will be able to handle. So, ensure that the DJ does this as a full-time job.

3. Ability to be an Efficient MC: Being an MC is no joke, all the attendees of the event need to stay interested in the event. This is only possible if you have a capable MC. Hiring a DJ, who has previous experience of being an efficient MC, can help you save money, as you need not hire a separate MC to make your event a success.

If you want all of this, then it will be best to hire a Melbourne DJ from a reputed agency. They will provide DJs who are experienced and dressed for your event. The DJs from these agencies will have a huge collection of songs and make sure that no track is repeated, if not requested by a guest. Whether it is your wedding, a corporate event or someone’s birthday, they will send in a DJ, who is well aware of what the crowd wants and play tracks from a wide variety of appropriate genres.

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