Unfortunately I LOVE the sun and could not get enough of it growing up. Now I have some sun damage that needs to be corrected. Not to fear, there are plenty of all natural, powerful herbs and plants that can do the work for us. No toxic hydroquinone needed!

Here is a simple DIY mask for brightening sun spots.

2 strawberries (pureed or mashed)
1 tbs raw honey
1 tsp champagne
1/8 tsp vitamin c powder (I suggest camu or acerola cherry powder, but a good old vitamin c tablet or powder will do)

I always add 1 tsp of our Illuminate Herbal Mask (optional, but packs an extra punch)

Leave the mask on for 20-45 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Natural Power:

Strawberries lighten the skin along with the vitamin c.
Champagne is rich in tartaric acid to promote cellular growth and gently exfoliate the skin.

Illuminate Mask Product Features:

• Shiitake contains kojic acid, which lightens the skin naturally and is antioxidant rich thus preventing premature aging.

• Hawthorn berry is used topically to block excessive pigmentation of the skin and to reduce the appearance of age spots.

• Fullers Earth clay purges impurities from the skin while also lightening the outer epidermal layer of the skin. Fullers Earth clay is also beneficial for reducing acne, scars, blemishes, and age spots.

Remember stay covered up and use an effective, non-toxic sunscreen. Our favorite is Elemental Herbs. Our review here.

Author's Bio: 

Ashley is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in Los Angeles. She graduated from Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ashley holds a degree in International Business and Marketing from the University of Texas, she also studied in Paris at L’ecole Superieure de Commerce and at Bocconi University in Milan. Ashley practices homeopathy in Los Angeles, California, and has attended world-renown Dr. Luc DeSchepper’s Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy for the past four years. She has studied the healing properties of herbs, flower essences, essential oils, light color therapy and whole foods for more than ten years. Ashley combines all these elements to instill holistic lifestyle change.