My Russian friend and inventor developed an Off-The-Water-Grid eco dome home with it’s own:
* custom gutter for RAIN WATER HARVESTING
* micro bio char treatment plant for RAIN WATER FILTRATION,
* 3 types of WATER STORAGE including an UNDERGROUND BUNKER
* earthship inspired botanical cell for GREY WATER UP-CYCLING

There are also a few other simple DIY projects such a natural pool conversion, a flood proof wall, custom bath sand bag bath as well as terraces that transform your garden into a living sponge.

Alosha is living in the north of Russia and is currently developing cold climate eco tech…
He has currently lowered the price of both of his online courses from $250 to $50.
Check out his Water Self Sufficiency or Eco Dome home Training by kicking on the links below:
Dome course -
Water course -

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Founder of Eco-Minded Club, organizer, guide and translator at Dolmen Tours and Vedic Russia spiritual Retreats. Here you can read more about my life path: