With less than one month until Christmas, everybody is rushing to shop for the most beautiful and stylish ornaments. If you are one of those people who love the holiday season, then you should let all your friends and neighbours see that, by welcoming the light and spirit to your home. And here is the good news: a recent study has shown that early Christmas decorations can apparently improve your mood! For this reason, if you have not started thinking about this season’s ornaments yet, it is high time you did – it will actually make you feel happier! But how about going the extra mile in order to bring joy to your home and forget about the embellishments you can find in department stores? This year, what you should do is make the decorations yourself. Crafted objects will offer your house a unique touch, not to mention about all the joy of actually creating stuff with your own hands! There is nothing you cannot do if you are creative and determined, so here are some suggestions for you to implement right away:

The Christmas tree

Without any doubt, the Christmas tree is the central decorative element of the season. For this reason, you want to make it look fabulous. So, if you have decided to quit buying ornaments and craft them by yourself, at home, rest assured there are multiple ideas for you to implement. Here are our suggestions:

  • The ribbon tree. The simplest and most popular solution is to replace traditional decorations with ribbons: recycle the old ribbon you have at home and hang it on your tree, instead of the expensive ornaments you will probably find in stores. There are so many things you can do using just this fabric: for a rich outcome, weave material between the boughs of the tree; if you are a fan of more minimalistic décor, just pun on tinsel and a huge extravagant topper, while if you prefer a delicate look for this year, some pink bows are all you need.
  • Photography tree. Whether you are a fan of photography or you just want to surprise everyone with a unique decorative style, using photos as tree adornments is the ideal choice. It is not only original but also in style in 2017, not to mention how easy the idea is to implement. So why not give it a try? Use small frames to frame images depicting your favourite moments of the year, then just hang them in the tree. The results will be magical!
  • Natural ornaments. In love with the minimal style and passionate about nature? Then maybe you want to keep your Christmas tree as natural as possible. Go outside to pick up some pine cones that will make the perfect decorations to your tree.

An alternative to traditional Christmas trees

If you want to have a big beautiful tree, but you are an advocate of environmental protection and you do not like fake plastic products available in stores, then you should just search for an alternative. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to craft a tree, which will look just as good as the traditional options of “planting” one in your living room. Go off the holiday greed while also keeping up with the latest trends in terms of decorations. One of the most beautiful ideas is to build up a tree out of just led lights. You need only a few products to pull off an amazing tree: plywood, screws and thread. Stick the screws on the plywood sheet, make a triangle shaped figure out of thread and then just ornate them with led lights – quite easy and beautiful. One more thing you can try is make a tree out of books: place one book on top of another in a pyramid shape, then add lights and even some tinsel. This is the ideal choice if you have a huge library and want to get a bit creative this holiday season.

Wrap the presents yourself

Of course it is way more comfortable to have the gifts wrapped by experts directly in the store where you bought them, but how about challenging yourself to pack them at home? You can try using cardboard gift bags as same as normal boxes, but remember to customise each and every one of the items you offer as presents. Choose the most beautiful themed printed paper, purchase all sorts of ribbons, search for inspiration and get to work. Whether you choose to offer books, pyjamas, perfumes, jewellery, scented candles or seasonal gifts, these will look perfect wrapped in fine paper with a huge bow on it! Think about something suitable to each item and person you are offering the gift to, and they will be impressed by your thoughtfulness.                                     

Indoor and outdoor decorations.

Besides the traditional lights you put around the house both inside and outside, you can also improvise some other ornaments. For example, you can replace the traditional welcome wreath you put on the entrance door with one made of globes or ribbons instead of pine boughs. Replace the garden gnomes with snow men made of white balloons – they are easy to make and will look amazing, especially if there is also snow. Indoors, use presents as décor: place beautifully wrapped boxes around the house on the staircase, under the tree or as table centrepieces. And since we are speaking about the table, take advantage of it to impress your guests: one suggestion is to improvise napkin rings made of ribbon and a spring of pine – natural and simple.

Christmas is the most anticipated time of the year, so why not embrace creativity to make it even more beautiful? Do It Yourself projects are fun whether you transform them into a family activity or transform them into quality time spent alone! Do not get discouraged, if you do not succeed from the first try. Just take time to have some rehearsal attempts and once you figure out what you should do, everything will get easier.  


Author's Bio: 

Cynthia Madison is a young blogger and economics and marketing graduate. She writes about home, lifestyle and family topics and is a senior contributor to popular niche publications.