When faced with the failing of your marriage, there may be many personal questions but even more alarming may be the additional stress associated when there is divorce with children.

What becomes of the dreams that you and your spouse had for your children? The dreams don’t just go away because your marriage does. Divorce with children requires for you to work together with your spouse in order to keep the dreams alive to create the best possible future for your children. Working together for the sake of the children’s needs to be at the forefront before beginning any divorce proceeding is essential.


When divorce involves kids it can be costly both emotionally and financially. The reality that each parent will not be spending time with the children on a daily basis can be emotionally overwhelming. Many decisions must be made such as custody, how to divide parenting beyond the daily routine to include holidays and other special occasions, planning how needs will be met when they are older as well as how to divide physician bills, daycare expenses and more. Children depend upon their parents to make wise decisions for their age at the time of divorce and also as they mature and other activities and life events broaden. Anticipating what their needs will be is imperative in order for your children not to do without because their parents didn’t plan ahead. For most couples the biggest challenge is will your spouse be willing to work with you to create a workable plan and agreement to meet the needs of the children. As with any divorce, there are so many decisions that it may be impossible to work out every detail. If parents are unable to create an agreement, the need for a mediator to assist in offering additional options or more hours spent with family lawyers will be needed.

Creating a bright future for your children when there is strife and hurt feelings will require for both parents to place animosity aside and focus on the best interest of the children. What becomes of your children in the future depends much upon the co-parenting efforts that both parents put forth.

Learning to use effective co-parenting is essential when kids are involved. Co-parenting involves learning to consider the needs of all family members and create means to meet those needs between two homes. It may be wise to create a communication plan for both parents and children. These plans can create consistent communication between parents in order for both parents to be aware of what is occurring in the children’s lives when not in their care. It may also be wise to create a communication plan for the children. When the kids are not in the care of one parent, knowing that he/she can communicate with their other parent can be reassuring and create stability. Having a plan of action from the beginning will also help each parent to be in agreement that communication will be ongoing between all family members.


Divorce Tool Box understands that divorce with children can be quite overwhelming. Parents must make decisions for the present age of their children and then account for the unknown and hope that they can get somewhere close. This is especially difficult if you have young children and are not sure how to plan effectively for each life stage. The children’s future is at stake and your planning or lack thereof is in your hands. Learn how Divorce Tool Box works to help your family as you begin this journey.

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Audrey Silcox is the founder of Divorce Tool Box-www.DivorceToolBox.com. She is a Counselor and Divorce Educator who has worked with divorcing couples since 1996. She graduated from Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama with a B. S. in Psychology and a M. Ed. in Counseling. Audrey is a Certified Divorce and Family Mediator with credentials from two Supreme Courts. She is also a Certified Professional Coach.

During her career as a counselor, divorce and family mediator, professional coach, and divorce educator Audrey has helped many just like you who may be wondering where to start, how to spend money wisely in the costly divorce process, and how to make good decisions in a system that can be hard to understand. She has seen the damage that can occur in families who experience divorce and its life-altering consequences without the right tools. Divorce Tool Box is the solution.