Divorce poison is when a spouse is bad mouthed in front of their children. It also can occur when the other parent is absence. I can even remember it happening just because the child reminds you of the other parent or even looks like the other parent.

Divorce poison can also have an impact on the targeted spouse's self-image and worth. This can result in an inferiority complex. The other side is that it ccan result in rage and vindictiveness. When this occurs it puts the child(ren) in the middle with the feeling of having to choose between the parents.

Another result of divorce poison is that the child can become disrespectful toward the parent being bad mouthed. This has an impact on the childs future relationships with the opposite sex. Sometimes it can cause distrust and/or animosity toward the same sex.

Overall, this has an impact on all relationships and can cause strife in employment and school when interacting with others.

Divorcepiration is a way of healing and growth from divorce poison despite what position you have in this situation.

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