Good planning always pays off. You should also prepare for your divorce in such a way that you have to overcome as few hurdles as possible. Disappointment, anger, feelings of revenge and self-pity are bad advisors, go through uncontested divorce Las Vegas in such a situation. Our divorce planner shows which milestones to look out for.

The most important

  • Even with the separation, it is important to strike stakes and secure your own position. A checklist helps to identify important approaches.
  • Divorces require preparation. If you don't want to get lost in the fog of emotions, you should use a divorce plan to prepare for your divorce in such a way that you avoid disadvantages and gain advantages.
  • Using a checklist, we will show you which aspects, based on experience, play an important role in divorce proceedings.

Why is divorce often difficult?

Divorce is the ultimate consequence of your marriage failing. You now have to divide everything that has shaped your community in terms of material and immaterial values. If you are not prepared for this, you can quickly become overwhelmed. In order to bring order to the chaos of your emotions, you are well advised to consider step by step how to wind up your marriage. A divorce planner is the basis for this. You also create the prerequisite for your spouse to also recognize that good planning is better than aimlessly attacking each other and not knowing what is actually going on.

How do you use the year of separation?

Before you can file your divorce petition in court, you must have completed the year of separation. The year of separation is more important than you might think. A checklist will help you not forget anything.

Separation year as a reflection period

Think of the year of separation as a time to think about whether you really want a divorce or whether your marriage may have a future. Separation means that you set up separate households. Brief attempts at reconciliation do no harm.

Be careful if you want to shorten the year of separation

It is not a good idea, in consultation with your spouse, to want to shorten the year of separation just to be able to file for divorce. If your spouse later reveals the agreement, you run the risk that the court will reject the divorce petition for a fee. However, it is not a problem if you submit the divorce petition to the court through a lawyer shortly before the end of the year of separation. If the application is processed by the court, the year of separation has usually expired. Otherwise, in exceptional cases, you will be divorced before the end of the year of separation if you can justify and prove a so-called hardship case that makes it unreasonable for you to have to wait for the separation periods to expire.

Separate bank accounts

Manage your finances. If you have had a joint account so far, set up your own account. Revoke a power of attorney that you gave your spouse for your account.

Notice common commitments

When you separate, you must not simply expect your spouse to bear all of your common obligations. In order to avoid dismissals and enforcement measures, you should continue to fulfill jointly justified obligations in the future. Discuss with your spouse whether the partner might release you internally. In any case, credit agreements or rental agreements for which you are both contractual partners must continue to be served until the notice period has expired.

Divorce Planner: How Do I Prepare for My Divorce?

Filing the divorce petition seems a formality. Still, your divorce petition is based on how you prepared for your divorce. We'll use a checklist to show you how best to prepare for your divorce.

Maintain contact with your spouse

Our best, but often the most difficult, piece of advice is to keep in touch with your spouse and do everything you can to ensure that you can still speak reasonably well. In order to make your marriage economically expedient, you have to make common decisions again and again and are dependent on mutual agreement.

However, if you no longer speak to each other and can no longer decide anything, you will have to settle your marriage in a legal dispute. Such a contentious divorce is always associated with the fact that you litigate for months or even years, you don't know where you stand, have to put a lot of money on the table for your lawyers and the court and, last but not least, suffer emotionally. If you have a child, your child will suffer beyond the mere separation. Especially when you have a child together, it is all the more important that you keep in touch with one another. Make your child feel that they don't have to decide for or against a parent.

Agree on a friendly divorce

Divorce in a dispute is easy in itself. Then there is no need for compromises. You don't need to really worry about anything. You rely on and trust the judgment of the court. In fact, many divorces follow exactly this stereotype. As a result, the spouses are surprised that many things have turned out differently than they had hoped. The difficulties that have arisen with regard to the separation have increased in the divorce proceedings. The results that emerge in court proceedings are also often disappointing. Many divorced people then say: If we had known better, we would have done everything differently. You can avoid all of this frustration by focusing on that with your spouse notify a consensual divorce. Then it is sufficient if you file the divorce petition and your spouse agrees to your petition.

Deal with the consequences of divorce in a divorce agreement

A prerequisite for a consensual divorce is often that the consequences of the divorce are also settled amicably. If everything is settled, there is no need for a legal divorce. In the divorce agreement, you negotiate and agree out of court how you will deal with the consequences of your separation and divorce. In this way, you can arrange the maintenance of the spouse, clarify the equalization of profits or grant the other parent appropriate access rights for the joint child.

Apply for your divorce online rather than online divorce

Especially when you are getting a mutual divorce, divorce online is the most convenient way to get your divorce off the ground. This saves you the hassle of searching for a suitable lawyer. If you use the services of a divorce service, you can easily be referred to a competent and reliable lawyer.

Get in touch with a lawyer

To file the divorce petition with the family court, you need a lawyer. Because of the compulsory lawyer you have to be represented by a lawyer. If your spouse has already sought advice from a lawyer, this lawyer may no longer offer you his services because of the impending conflict of interest. Get a lawyer experienced and reliable in family law through a divorce service.

Gather all necessary information and divorce papers

In order to prepare your application for divorce, you should have the marriage certificate from your family register available or you should obtain a certificate from the registry office. In your application for divorce, you must provide information about the name and address of your spouse and your common minor children. You will also need your children's birth certificates. You can find the documents in your family register or have a certificate made out for you at the registry office. If there is a marriage contract, you need at least a copy of the contract. Also make sure that you have a valid identity card by the oral divorce date at the latest.

Prepare the pension adjustment

You can regulate the pension equalization in a divorce consequences agreement. However, this is not mandatory. You can also leave the regulation to the court. Then the court carries out the pension adjustment ex officio. You will receive a questionnaire from the court. In order to provide the necessary information immediately, you should be aware of your pension entitlements. If you are or have been an employee, consider whether all insurance-relevant times have actually been recorded. If in doubt, carry out an account clarification. Get advice on this from a German pension insurance counseling center.

Secure child support for your child

It is easiest if the parent who is liable for maintenance recognizes his / her maintenance obligation towards the child at the youth welfare office in a youth welfare office document. The certificate is legally binding and saves both parents an often difficult maintenance process.

Find out about your spouse's financial situation

If you are dependent on your spouse for maintenance during the separation or after your divorce, you should clarify the financial situation at an early stage. Ideally, you are in possession of the latest pay slips or the latest income tax assessments. If necessary, you would have to sue your spouse for information about his income and financial situation.


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