Many people assume that becoming "unmarried" is more difficult than marrying. Anyone considering divorce will need a lot of information. To begin, a party may file a divorce case in Michigan if they have lived in the state for 180 days or more. The party can bring a lawsuit in the county if they have lived there for ten days. At the Van Den Heuvel Law Office, Divorce Lawyers in Grand Rapids have extensive expertise dealing with all aspects of divorce litigation in numerous Michigan counties.

You need a competent and active Divorce Attorney In Grand Rapids to safeguard your interests and your family if you own a business, major real estate properties, or other assets that may be difficult to split equally.

In Michigan, divorce is common.

There are three fundamental ways to divorce if you and your spouse are thinking about it:

Divorce: Michigan is a place where people are not held accountable for their acts. Only a "breakdown of the marriage relationship" qualifies for divorce in Michigan. To put it another way, the court has the right to formally terminate the parties' relationship regardless of who did what to whom. However, the court may examine who is at blame when considering child custody, property rights, and spousal support.

Separate Maintenance: It is necessary to perform separate maintenance. When first filed, separate maintenance petitions seem almost identical to divorce filings. When a judgement is obtained, the parties are economically and monetarily separated, but they are not divorced from their marriage links. Separate maintenance is commonly utilised when a couple does not believe in divorce for religious reasons or when one spouse has to continue on the other's medical insurance.

Annulment: If one of the parties could not marry at the time of the wedding or if the marriage contract was fabricated, a formal annulment is issued. An annulment can be granted for various reasons, including same-sex couples, the inability to marry due to age or mental disease, and so on. In Michigan, an annulment is not based on the length of your marriage.

Consider These Factors Before Filing for Divorce

When going through a divorce, there are various things to consider. First, whether the divorce is uncontested (both spouses agree on everything) or contentious (both spouses disagree), various issues must be addressed, including:

Parenting time, Child custody, and support: Couples may find it difficult to agree on where their children will reside, who will make significant life decisions for them, and what parenting schedule is appropriate. The noncustodial parent is also responsible for child support, which can be a contentious issue.

Support from a spouse: If you or your spouse requires maintenance payments, we can help you figure out how much to pay based on your unique circumstances.

The division of assets: You need an advocate to ensure that you achieve a fair and equitable asset split settlement in your divorce, whether you have a small amount of property or a substantial quantity of property, such as a business or real estate holdings.

If you and your mate have agreed to divorce and have sorted out these difficulties, the procedure will move considerably more quickly if you have good legal representation. However, if a peaceful resolution is not possible, the Divorce Attorneys At Grand Rapids at Howard Van Den Heuvel will fight for you and your family's best interests.

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