It is not a new scenario for men to suffer prejudice in most divorce cases. The orthodox laws have given biased decisions in support of women for ages. Every year, many men lose their income and children’s custody to their divorce-seeking wives due to the enforcement of outdated laws on child custody and marital property. A study undertaken by Stanford University indicated that in divorce cases, mothers are four times more likely to get the full-time custody of their child. So, it becomes a necessity for men to have a divorce attorney Miami beside them in order to protect their rights and give them justice.

• The advantages of having a divorce attorney for men: Divorce is a complicated legal procedure that can exhaust you financially and emotionally. This is a critical stage where you can be fooled if you do not have an attorney support you. Be it a contesting or a mutual case, having a personal divorce lawyer Miami will be very advantageous to you. Through his guidance you will be able to get equal rights in child custody and alimony.

• Child custody and support: The prevalent laws in our judiciary system regard the mother as the better caretaker of a child in the growing years. But there are also provisions by which a father can appeal for a joint custody because every father has a right to ensure that his child gets better resources and care during the tender years. The divorce case also makes decisions in matters of child support. Based on the income of both parents, the court decides who among the couple has to take responsibility of education and health care expenses. These accomplishments are only achievable by the help of a skillful and competent Miami family attorney as he introduces you with your rights and represents your voice in the court.

• Alimony: Alimony is the financial support you will provide to your spouse post-divorce. The amount of money you are supposed to pay for maintenance of your spouse needs to be precisely calculated. It depends upon factors like duration of the marriage, earning of both of the partners, reason for divorce, age, and health condition of the spouse, etc. A Miami family law attorney ensures that you are not cheated in paying the alimony. He assists you in deciding the alimony according to your capabilities and circumstances.

• Property disputes: The divorce cases sometimes involve property division. Your spouse will demand the assets and real estate to be distributed among both of you. In that situation, you will require a family law attorney Miami to solve the disputes. He will help you in distinguishing between marital and non-marital property since the only marital property is shared in a divorce. Your attorney can make the division fair and unbiased by assigning proper monetary value of the assets.

If you are dealing with a divorce case, then it is highly recommended to consult a divorce attorney to get justice in your favor.

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