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Are you Diving down in life, simply Surviving, or striving for THRIVING? Each are all great questions to ask ourselves about the life we are living. The topic that I wanted to talk about was surviving vs. thriving. What are you living? Surviving is living a day-to-day ‘OK’ existence. Thriving = passion and you know what it feels like in every cell of your body that you are in the precise place for me. Everyone experiences tough times in life, sometimes more than others do. However, it is not a competition it is about surviving and thriving within your personal life. After all, you are the one that lives with self 24/7, so you had better be in love with it. Each of us have many areas of Wonder and Passion, but we have to dig it up and strive to thrive!

We had a local high school student become injured in the football game a week ago. He has a spinal cord injury and it is frightening. We are fortunate to live so close to the best medical system on this planet – The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Mn. He was air lifted there the night of the injury and has had two surgeries since.

He has a long road ahead of him, but there are many signs of his strong drive to not only survive, but to thrive again and walk. The community out pour is unreal. A CaringBridge blog was set up for him and has almost 20,000 hits. People from other towns and states that heard of this tragic injury stopped by to send him and his family a note of support during this rough road. We live in the very small town of 2500 people, his parents grew up with my sister, and they remain close. His final results is paralysis in his lower half and wheel chair for life.

There is a lot to be said for the love within a small community. When tragedies happen, everyone steps up and wants to help. It gives me goose bumps when I think of it. Midwesterner's know how to stick together and hold up the ones in need, without strings! So here’s sending more prayers for him and his family to thrive once again. Believe me they will! It does not mean you won’t stumble and fall, while leaning on others because you will. It is part of the process or journey to get through tough times. Reaching out for help when needed is tough for many, but is necessary when times are tough. Their son sounds relentless in his goals and that is what it takes to thrive. Envisioning your goal and the how’s will show up for you, one day at a time.

Remember asking for help is a true strength, not a weakness.

Doesn’t it make you sit back and look at your life? What is important? Do we see what is important or do we focus on the outside appearance more than we should? This very instance shows how our soul is what really matters. Living, loving, and thriving are the goals we should have.

I had a life changing health issue in 1995 that left me with some limitations physically and continued surgeries, etc., but I am still alive and best yet, thriving once again. The community came together for me after my near tragic experience when a serious infection almost took my life. The doctors at Mayo did not believe I would live, but I did. It changed my life in so many ways. Each of my WorkBooks will tell you another part of me and how I got through rough times to not only survive, but to thrive again. Many times in my life, I knew I would survive, but little did I know that I would love and thrive again.

I leave you with these thoughts today in hopes of lighting a fire under your butt if you feel stuck in a rut, passionless, and/or dreamless. Starting today, you have the opportunity to flip that switch to change the tracks of your life. It starts with the core of you.

Send your prayers to T.O. and his family….(Update: they are Thriving once again with his paralysis accepted, so he can move forward.)They need all they can get right now and they are working. The power of prayer is incredible… I am living proof of that. It is the only reason I am here….and my stubbornness… :)

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