It is the special characteristic of Indian Spiritual Philosophy that it gives a clear understanding of both the spiritual and material methods of creation science. In the scriptures it is mentioned that once demigods asked Prajapati (creator): O divine father! You say that the worldly hardships of all who worship Gayatri are warded off, that they attain joy in this and the next world and also attain the supreme divine goal. But yet you have not told us who exactly is the one that posseses this great potential.

As an answer Prajapati says: O demigods! This Gayatri which gives various types of boons is wisdom that manifests from Savitri meaning Savita deity. At other places it is said that Gayatri is light, fire and energy incarnate. All the 3 times (past, present, future) are mobile due to its energy. Regarding this energy it is said that it is called Savita because it gives inspiration to all elements, all creatures and all emotions. Sun is said to be the symbol/image of Savita deity. It is a gross symbol. Savita is subtler than it. In order to understand its energy, potency and special qualities it is important to gain detailed information about the sun. Principally it is well known that the sun is the root cause of the mobility and functioning of all material and worldly objects. In that image Savita deity is established in the form of sacred sentiments and life force. Further it is said that by giving all creatures and world humanity energy, vital force and light it aids their sacred emotional advancement. With reference to this, efforts have not been made to understand more and anylyze in detail so it appears that these observations of Rishis and spiritual seers are fully scientific and true. Whatever had been written by them thousands of years back are being slowly but surely proved true by modern sciencietific research.

A very minor portion of Savita deity’s gross aspect has been unfolded by modern scientists and yet whatever has been unearthed is not any less from the standpoint of Indian beliefs. From the gross viewpoint sun appears to be a globe of burning hot inferno. According to modern scientists just as eddies are formed in rivers that flow speedily so too in the hot materials of the sun eddies are noted and from them hot flames manifest which have a length of thousands of miles. From that very light of the sun creatures of earth get enough energy to remain alive and apart from earth, environment and conditions of other planets are created.

Not only earth, but in which ever planet, star etc of the solar system life exists, there the sun is the substratum. All creatures imbibe energy from the sun and remain alive using its warmth. The temperature which is optimal for mankind and other creatures to remain alive is balanced and steady because of the sun. Hence Indian Rishis call the sun giver of life and life force of creation. According to modern scientists the sun is just one amongst many stars seen in the sky. Hence the Rishis have rightly sung:

Savita vai prasavanamishey.

Savita deity-sun is the one that creates all. The terrific power that emanates from the sun merges along with its influence in materials. This is the reason that for protection of health it is most required that we contact the sun as much as possible.

In a certain sense solar light is more required than even food and water. When the body gets apt warmth from sun light the RBC’s of our blood get that much more protected. If we had not got sun’s light the number of RBC’s would decline and water would increase in the blood. As a result anemia and other blood related disorders would set in.

There is such a strong relationship between the life force of living beings and the sun which can be easily gauged via the example of trees, plants etc. If a plant were not be given sun light, immediately chlorophyll production would stop. Thus the plant would start withering. With reference to this according to an experiment conducted people become more ill in urban areas that have narrow lanes in comparison to those living in more open areas. Thus the former have very short life spans.

Via solar light man’s body gets electrified. After years of research America’s scientist Dr Neil Burnhart proved that when the energy augmenting rays of the sun contact man’s body an electro magnetic flow is seen. The earth too is a gigantic magnet.

Solar energy not only influences man’s health but that man’s inner personality too gets extraordinarily influenced by it. It has already been said that the inetnsity with which energy comes from the solar world, with that very intensity it enters various creatures. Since the mind too has that energy man has the capacity to contact the inner nature of every object and can help manifest the energy of any object in a subtle manner. This science is known only to adept Yogis and they make optimal use of it. Thus many of their actions appear miraculous to the layman’s eye. Now today when modern science too has accepted the intense presence of energy in objects these Sidhis/Divine Powers can be imbibed using technology but their psyche based miracles can be attained only via Yoga and various high stature worship methods.

Via spiritual practice/worship masterly Yogis establish a mentalcontact with Savita deity or sun’s subtle energy and attain those Ridhi-Sidhis which appear miraculous to the lay public. Yet its basis is very much scientific. France’s scientist Yusho carried out certain experiments in this field so as to transform sun’s Savita energy into technology energy. Even in Russia such machines have been designed which obstruct midway the energy that comes from the sun and spreads in material objects so as to render them active. Then this energy is converted into that of machines so that tasks like irrigation, cooking, boiling water, purification of laundry water etc can be executed. There is hope that via this energy the gigantic problem of fuel scarcity in large/small industries can be overcome.

But great Yogis who manifest this energy of Savita deity are known to be different from the above. It is called Kundalini awakening. Via Gayatri worship Savita energy is invoked, imbibed and advanced in the body and thus the goal is fulfilled. Apart from progress of health, inner radiance and intellect, Extrasensory Powers or ESP also advance which are called miracles or God’s grace by all.

Within Gayatri worship via Gayatri Japa the mind contacts the world of Savita and benefits accrue from its miraculous potentials. If only this reality is aptly understood and imbibed the psyche, mind, intellect etc by becoming sacredly pure multiplies this potential by hundreds of times. Not only does well being of oneself manifest, but that welfare showers on all world humanity and other creatures.

Spiritual seers know that as and when demons have had to be overcome, the manifestation of solar energy has had to be rendered widespread. In Valmiki Ramayan there is description of Maharshi Agatsya teaching Lord Ram solar worship methodology at the time of battle. Only after understanding the secret of Aditya Hridaya (Solar Import) that it was possible to overcome demon Ravan. In the epic Mahabharat Maharshi Dhauya initiated Yudhishthira and his brothers in solar worship. It must be noted that this was not done for individual gains.

According to modern scientists the circulator of vital force in solar world is merely the subtle activities of helium/hydrogen. This is but its material form. Although it is potent and center of the world yet its demigod and spiritual form is thousand times more powerful. In Astrology its demigod form is discussed in depth. In this form the sun is the controller of thoughts, inspirer of sentiments and lord of all planets. Varamihir calls it the soul of a living being. The Vedas also say that the sun is the soul of the world. When in an individual these forces are absent sexual distortions and mental diseases manifest. If in the horoscope of a person sun is downfallen then despite gaining success such people have bad thinking and perform vile actions. Without solar energy soul uplifting is a mere dream. In order to get aptly energized Astrology in one voice opines that worship the sun. On the one hand solar worship overcomes negative influence of all other planets and on the other gives the devotee purity and inner radiance skill wise.

In its spiritual form the sun is the Light of Cosmic Purusha (God). Shri Aurobindo Ghosh calls it the Light of Super Mind. As the Cosmic Purusha its worship in Upanishads is found under titles like Brahma Vidya, Dahar Vidya (Chandogya Upanishad), Madhu Vidya, Upakoshal Vidya, Mantha Vidyas and Panchagni Vidya. In the Vedas it is said: Brahma surya samam jyoti (Yajurveda 23/40) and Bhavano arvad swarnaha jyotihi (Rigaveda 4/10/3) which connotes Cosmic Purusha. In Rigaveda there are 14 Suktas (eulogies) that depict the greatness of the sun.

If in the various parts of this world one tries to unearth the principles of solar worship one can only be wonderstruck that there was a time when the entire world worshiped the sun. This can be called steadfast devotion towards Divine Culture. People of Babylon who were devoted to the sky’s demigod ‘Ana’ and earth’s demigod ‘Iya’ believed the one’s day commenced with the rising of the sun. Within the Nile civilization of Egypt solar worship predominated. Sumerian civilization had 2 deities. Finisians too worshiped sun and moon. And yet the deep research of solar principle in Vedic literature is extraordinary. Veda says that sun gives beautiful inspirations.

In order to spread the teachings of solar worship the mystery of sanctifying life’s emotions and thoughts are also conjoined. By itself there are other Mantras of solar worship and there are various types of worship methods but it is limited to its demigod aspect only. Maybe at the individual level one gets benefits and yet distortions of the congregational psyche cannot be overcome. This is possible only via Gayatri Mantra. The manifestation of solar mystery is possible only via this potent method.

Gayatri is the primordial Mantra. The 4 Vedas describe its mysterious import. Gayatri is eulogized as follows: Rigaveda, Shakal Samhita 3/62/10, Shukla Yajurveda Madhyandin Samhita 3/35, 22/9, 30/2, 26/3, Krishna Yajurveda Taitariya Samhita 1/5/6/12, 1/5/8/10, 4/1/11/67, and Krishna Maitrayini samhita 4/10/77, Samaveda Kauthum Samhita Uttararchik 13/3/3 and 13/4/3/1, Atharvadeda Shaunak Samhita 19/71/1 etc.

On the one hand in this Mantra lies hidden the extraordinary potency of Mantra energy, the wisdom of solar mystery and oneness with Cosmic Purusha there on the other hand is conjoined also the principle of rising and spread of a great culture. A story in Rigaveda tells us how its manifestation took place with a great goal. In Rigavedic times India had 2 sects called Aryans and Dasyus. The highly cultured Aryan chief was Agastya and Shambar was the chief of Dasyus. Agastya worshiped Varuna (water). Dasyu because of his vile activities was an enemy of Aryans. Vishwarath, Agastya’s disciple one day thought as to whether it is possible to convert Dasyus into Aryans and highly cultured? If yes then how? In order to get an answer he performed intense penance. As a result he attained the Science of Gayatri and with its energy transformed the Dasyu race into that of cultured Aryans. Rishis who were amazed with his efforts called him the friend (Mitra) of the world (Vishwa or Vishwamitra.

Since time immemorial this great science of solar worship has been utilized for congregational welfare and rendering cultured the congregational psyche. In today’s modern times Maharshi Dayanad used this to transform a weak society into cultured Aryans. Maybe the limits of his efforts were small and yet the goal was as high as the sky. Many may have performed Gayatri worship to date but how many among them have deeply understood the spiritual philosophy of the ‘Naha’ alphabet within the 24 alphabets of the Mantra? This fact must be cogitated upon. This method which helps generate and imbibe a sacred intellect is not meant for ‘me’ alone but is meant for the entire world i.e. ‘Naha’.

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