I sit here in the throes of incompletion, of indecision, of reinventing my business life and as a good seasoned spiritual being, I ask and pray for help – lots of it. I ask my guides (and yes, they have names and personalities) I ask my angels, especially Gabrielle, I ask God, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Saint Anne, the fairies – you name it, I include them in my daily litany. Mother Earth, Father Sky, let’s not forget them. I write on special paper with a lovely pencil – Hello Universe and Angelics, here is what I need today: followed by specific directed instructions for my immediate right now needs, desires and wants. Please. Thank you.

And, what happens? Sometimes, there is an answer, a hint via intuitive guidance, movement towards the perceived goal, or the goal itself achieved. And, sometimes nothing happens. NOTHING! An empty blank canvas instead of the business partner I asked for, instead of the refund I need, instead of a new dynamic brilliant idea to spur my business, NOTHING! Urgghh! Am I asking for the wrong things? Do I not believe enough? Am I not spiritual or soulful enough? Or, does it come down to divine timing, not human ego wanting/needing?

The theory is that the Divine, i.e., the god head of ALL who knows the right and perfect time for events to occur for us runs on a much different clock from our human time frame. Our human timing is very demanding, wanting what we want right NOW, because we think we know best! Ha! When the Universe and our ego go hand in hand, we call that a miracle, divine intervention, luck or synchronicity. However when it does not, we whine. The Universe takes it’s own sweet time, which is really for our benefit. Apparently, God does know a bit more about this life experience than we can perceive.

Recently, I shared my universal timing issues with a friend. Her story is reminisant of stories that you have heard. My friend, Katherine asked the Universe for a specific teacher to move her spiritual journey forward. She was ready, she waited, she waited some more, she asked over and over. Then, her daughter had a medical emergency. Six months later after attending to her daughter, she received not one, but two teachers. Her plea and prayers were answered, just not in her human based timing. In reflection, she knew that the timing was impeccable. In the moment, she did not see that, instead she wondered what was up. When we shared stories, Katherine was able to recall the elegance of divine timing. She would not have been able to assist her daughter and be in training with a new teacher at the same time. Naturally, the daughter would have come first, but she did not need to make that decision. It was made for her. She ended up with doing what all moms do best when a child is in need – helping and loving her daughter to health. Now, she is free to focus on her new teachers.

If Divine Timing is affecting you, here are some thoughts to consider:

We have been shown again and again that the Divine knows best….why do we spend so much time fussing with our minds to manipulate the Divine? We are taken care of us, even if it does not look like it in the moment.
Continue your prayers and requests – just because you do not see that request fulfilled does not mean it is not heard. The ole ‘ask and you shall receive’ is really in play here, you will receive when the time is right.
Maybe, just maybe you have a life lesson to learn with this timing issue. If you are not receiving right away, check into your inner life and see if there is something not quite kosher. If so, be aware of what is going on – this is the first step towards change.
Trust the moment you are in – be in the present over and over again. Yes, it is real.
Allow for the flow to occur – go down river! There is no need to paddle like crazy against the current; you will just get very tired. Let your ego take a vacation and allow your spirit to be heard.

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producer of PEARLS Words of Wisdom Meditation Cards. Suzie’s businesses are designed to educate and inform the curious general public about the variety of complementary, alternative, holistic and integrative healing practices available for an optimal life. PEARLS are meditation cards to elevate and enliven your spiritual and human experience. Seekers Central and Insight Lectures introduces seekers to information and education to find answers to life’s perplexing pesky and sometimes spiritual questions. In 2002, Suzie created and published the INSIGHT Healthy Living Directory, which she sold in 2011. She has been a guest columnist for The Grass Valley Union and The Nevada City Advocate, as well as a guest host on KVMR radio. She is a business consultant, event planner and a happily curious seeker of life’s adventures.