{Connie Huebner facilities the presence of Divine Mother by putting her attention on the deepest level within her heart. She experiences the vibration of Divine Mother's name at the quiet inner most subtle level of life and is then able to have an intimate, inner conversation with Her. The following is an excerpt from the immense wisdom of Divine Mother on the topic of Awareness and New Year.}

Divine Mother: Let go. Enter this New Year clean, clear, without baggage.
The Divine You is coming forth now, fully, powerfully. You are constantly letting go, always softening, going deeper, expanding more. This is the Truth of who you are, infinite, Whole.

We are being purified and prepared to enter this New Year, this Divine Year. We are letting go of all of the old as we step into the new life, the Divine life. Trust as you let go, trusting that you are safe, trusting that something so powerful is holding you that you can never fail. Let go. Allow the Divine Trust, trusting your infinite life, letting go more, falling, free falling, letting go of anything that could bind you or constrict you. Heal on all the levels of your life.

Divine Grace is here. Let go of the past, all of the karma of the past is collapsing around you. Let it go. As you move into the New Year, don’t hang on to anything, let it go. The New Year has greater gifts to give and your hands must be open to receive. Don’t hold on to anything from the past. Let go. Receive. Embrace the life that is being given to you now by the great Mother of the Universe who loves you so deeply, who wants every good thing for you.

Divine Mother is emptying her heart into your lap, healing you with her love. She says, “Offer me everything you want to have healed in your life, offer it all, now. I want it. Don’t hoard it. Give it to me. I am transforming you. Divine Mother is here for you. I see you, I love you, you can relax, you can let me handle everything. Don’t try to do it alone. Let me. The beautiful New Year is coming, a year of Light. You won’t even know, a year from now, the person that you are right now. That is how fully my transformation is coming on to this planet.

So let go. Don’t fight it. Peel off the layers. Jump into my heart. This is the Divine Mother’s way. I am the Mother of the Universe. I know how to keep you safe. Turn to me. Let me hold you. Don’t try to be separate from me, just unite and let go. Merge with me. That’s my love calling to you, drawing you in like a magnet, pulling you into my heart, freeing you from the pain of separation, the pain of isolation, the pain of fear. I am pulling you in with my love so that you will let go of all this pain of separation and recognize our union.

You must accept your hugeness, you must accept how expansive you are and not pull into the small physical form, but expand into your larger field, being bigger. You are remembering that you are infinite, you are connecting to the real you, and that is the real you that I want you to bring into 2013 – the year of the Real You.

It means you have to change your awareness, you have to engage with your grandness and not pull in to the physical body, but expand into the infinite body and beyond. You can do much more that way and you will be happier because it is not comfortable pulling that infinite you into that small, finite body. You have been extremely uncomfortable.

I am getting you used to using your awareness rather than your small mind. I am preparing you for 2013. I am preparing you to be grand in 2013, huge. You have the think differently now. It is going to be painful to think small. You must think big, large, huge. It’s a new way of thinking that you must embrace if you want to be comfortable in the coming year. Smallness is over. We have to think for the whole earth, for all the people of the earth.

This is important. I want you to think for all the people of the planet now. The thinking has been too small. I know most people are only concerned for themselves – but you must be concerned for everyone. We have to expand. The Divine Mother is here. We have to think for the whole planet now and think with expansion. That means, don’t limit when you come up with a plan or idea, don’t set boundaries on it. Let it grow beyond even what you have thought of. That way, it will connect to others who will expand on your plan, your idea. We have to keep it expanding now. No small limits, no small thinking “This is my idea. You can’t have it”. We give it away to get a better, more expansive plan. The small-mind thinking is finished, done.

I want you to know you are evolving your physical body, the human body – not just yours, everyone’s. The human race has to step into its Divine destiny. The physical human body has to step into its Divine template. We can’t think small any more. The beauty of this time on Mother Earth is that the Light necessary to activate the DNA in the human form is available.

The attention needed to guide the expansion of the heart is being freed now in you. Some people are leaders. Leaders are concerned for everyone. Leaders must always think about everyone, the whole world and I believe that you all here fit into that category of leadership. So you have to know these things. You have to practice compassion for those who do not know. And then you must demonstrate in your own life the kindness, the generosity, the peace that creates a new humanity.

So step into 2013 fully aware and alert, clear about who you are and what this world can be. Don’t shrink back, please. You must continue to lead. Do not let those who are afraid influence you in any way. Keep expanding. Become bigger than fear. I am giving you this year to mold. You are the Master Artists of this new time for Mother Earth, the Masters. You can mold the planet with your expansive awareness, with your unconditional compassion.

Don’t let these people who still remain in ignorance intimate you – expand, transform them with your heart. You have help. There is more Divine help on this planet now than we have ever had in the past. It’s there for you, it’s available to you. Request it, use it. Change Mother Earth.

I am thrilled to be entering this new year with so many great leaders, alive and well on this planet. And believe me, when I say alive and well, I mean that literally, because you are the hope of Mother Earth and the Divine Grace of all the love in the kingdom of heaven is flooding your lives right now. I am Divine Mother and I command the Divine Grace to assist you in this next year, to aid you, to fill you, to give to you, teach you, guide you, pave your path.

Please receive this right now, put yourself in receptive state, opening all the cells, the heart, the brain, all the organs, receive my Divine Grace. Open the auric field, open the etheric field, receive my Grace.

I am Mother God, I come in the name of Light. I am illuminating you now.

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About Rev. Connie Huebner: Rev. Connie Huebner has dialogued with Divine Mother for over 25 years. She does not “channel.” Rather, within her heart, she engages Divine Mother in a conversation at the subtlest level of creation, which she then repeats to you. In this way, Connie can converse with any Divine Being. Her connection to the Infinite Source of Life is the basis upon which she receives messages. Connie goes to the fundamental source where we are all One, finds the Divine Mother, asks Her your questions, and receives your answers. She has also developed a set of vibrational healing tools that you can use to clear your blocks and connect directly to Divine Mother.