Teams that deliver exceptional performance are generally made up of individuals that bring each of the really strong positive traits from the 4 workplace personality styles.

These teams also understand and appreciate each other enough to get past the traits that cause the most challenges. In an effort to help create this dynamic on more teams, I’ll be writing a series of articles on the “top irritants” as seen by each of the four personality styles.

These irritants can cause great discontent amongst team mates, so identifying them, bringing some perspective to them, and devising tactics to deal with them can greatly improve communication amongst the team.

Here is my perspective on the top 3 irritants for each of the workplace personalities:

2.Ambiguity of roles.
3.Disregard for established processes.

1.Lack of imagination or creativity.
2.Not being heard.
3.See others as being selfish or self centered.

1.Lack of action.
2.Rigid processes.
3.When others don’t take responsibility/accountability.

1.Acceptance of mediocrity.
2.Lack of facts and logic.
3.Lack of clarity.

As you can see from this list, there is a great variety of “top irritants” for each of the personality styles. Subsequent articles will focus on each personality style’s top 3 irritants and provide perspective and tactics for other team members to mitigate issues on the team.


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Lynn is a partner at Conundrum Adventures, a team building company that delivers high quality experiential team building to the corporate market.

Lynn has held executive positions at a variety of organizations. They include EVP of a dot-com start up responsible for vendor relationship management, technology and consulting to VP Global Sourcing for Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Throughout her career she has demonstrated the ability to lead and inspire teams to achieve excellent results. Lynn draws on her experience to effectively facilitate team discussions to find creative solutions to the most challenging problems. Lynn holds an HBA and an MBA degree from the Ivey Business School.