Diversifying your online income is one of the main things you must know when you have a website.

Assuming most of your ads are with Google AdSense. Say that it makes up 90% of your online profit. Supposing Google will cancel your account! What would you do if you lose 90% of your online profit? Can you recover immediately?For most individuals, they would not.

So if you have a website, vary your earnings by not only utilizing Pay Per Click sponsors, but also use a Direct Leads sponsor, a "cost per action" sponsor, or affiliate marketing.

You just need to check the performance of your website. Make certain that you are checking your stats to see which banners and ads are performing the best and swap out the ones that aren't performing as well. Alternating you banners every so often is also a good idea. Thevisitors will become "banner blind" after sometime and will soon overlook all of your ads and banners.

Opening other websites is another way of diversifying one’s income. Now, I have a number of sites that I build earnings from. Google banned one of my sites from their search engine about 4 months ago! This is not an unusual thing to happen among Online Marketers. It seems that my website had a lot of outgoing links to sponsor ads and they judge it a "link farm". At that time, I was making around $1000 / month for that website.If I didn't have all of my other websites to pick up the slack, can you imagine the mess that would have been?

Having them on several servers is another way of boosting your online profit. It’s not expensive to host a website. Let’s suppose throw one or two of them up on a $5.99 a month server and pay for a year's worth of hosting, you're doing the right thing. Not only does it have search engine benefits, but if one of your servers should go down, not all of your websites are down at once.

If you want to earn the most money online then you definitely need to expand your income streams.

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