What are Distant Reiki Attunements?
I have been asked a lot about distant Reiki attunements, what they are, how do they work, do they work, etc.
Distant Reiki attunements enable a connection, an alignment to a particular energy vibration. Distant Reiki attunements can be sent to anyone in the world via a chi ball, distance and time zones are no issue! Because Reiki energies work on the energetic plane there is no need for the physical presence of teacher and student together. The teacher and the student connect energetically and the teacher places the energy of the attunement inside a chi ball for the student to call in whenever they are ready.
Do Distant Reiki Attunements Work?
The teacher goes through the same process to attune a person distantly as if they were there in person, so distant attunements are just as effective as in-person attunements. They follow the same process, but the two people are not physically in contact, only energetically connected.
The key to any attunement being successful lies with intention, the intention of the teacher and the intention of the student. Success is not relative to whether the attunement is in-person or distant, it is relative to the intention set by both parties.
Distant Attunements are a wonderful way to access the many systems of Reiki available to us. The convenience of distant Reiki attunements means that differences in time zones simply don’t matter! You choose when and where to take your attunement.
Once you are attuned to the energies of a system you will be able to use them whenever you want for self-healing and healing others. The gentle, natural Reiki energies merge well into daily life and you will notice their subtle influence on you. The more you use the energies, the stronger they will become.
The benefits of distant attunements are:
-You can study and practise at your own pace, your teacher will provide any e-mail support required.
-Time and space have no boundaries.
-Attunements are received in your own home, in your own time, in a way that suits you best.
If you are new to distant Reiki attunements, I would advise that you trust your intuition to guide you when choosing a teacher, there are many teachers out there offering distant Reiki attunements. Some people may resonate with you more than others and this is good way to make your decision as to who to choose-trust your intuition.
For more advise on distant Reiki attunements or to see what type of attunements are available please take a look at my website.

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I am a Reiki Master, Yoga and Meditation tutor and Holistic Therapist. I enjoy working with energies to promote health and well being.