Your mind compares and measures everything against its own knowledge bank, impressions, available information, beliefs and logic.


if someone has been gathering and storing negative thoughts and beliefs on how they might fail, or how they will fail, then they are most likely suffering in some way or will suffer in some way from those negative thoughts of failure.
Similarly, if one believes that their own success is something difficult to achieve, then it will actually become quite difficult to achieve, there will seem to be more obstacles or setbacks thrown in the way making the road to success more difficult. This is simply because the mind will believe and react based on ones thoughts and beliefs about becoming a success; the mind will believe that success cannot be easily achieved because that is exactly what one has been telling it by thinking and believing the negativity.

Some people will no doubt find it hard to believe that the difference between success and failure can be as simple as the thoughts you put into or allow into your mind.

Those are the very same people that have filled their minds with negativity, and are more familiar with and more at ease with poverty, misery, failure, defeat, restriction and scarcity. These people refuse to believe something just because they do not understand it. They believe they are destined to fail at anything and everything they attempt, and that there is nothing they can do about it but to accept it, and just live with it.
This is not true at all and could not be further from the truth; there is indeed something they can do about it.

If only they would change their attitude and believe in themselves and realise they can change their lives starting within their own mind right now, this instant.
The mind believes in its own set limitations as the real and actual limitations of the entire universe, because it only knows itself and of the negative and limiting thoughts you have filled it with, and can only work with what you have given it.

It is therefore up to you to give it more if you expect more in return.

The great news is all the negativity and false limitations can be changed very easily and in most cases almost instantly, in a few seconds.

For a start try this…

If you just simply think about success, wealth, abundance and prosperity, then the mind will process those positive thoughts and suddenly success becomes a possible reality that the mind can believe in and can now work toward. The thought, or idea of success comes first.

Think about…


What do those words mean to you?

If you follow the steps outlined in DME, you can, with some practice and some discipline, be the master of your own fate, attract success and create as much wealth, abundance and prosperity as you choose, even in the most difficult of situations believe it or not.

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