All too often you hear so many people telling you why you cannot be wealthy, or why you cannot be successful and that success is based on pure luck, or family fortune, or tell you their opinion on what will not work, instead of telling you what will work or what can work and why it can work. This is learned, collected and stored negative belief.

As a result of all this negativity you know all too well the things that cannot be done, and the things that should not even be attempted.

So what have you done? In most cases nothing.

You have put all this information of failure and negativity in the mind, and what does the mind do with it? It processes and stores, and believes and creates out of those negative thoughts.

So now the mind thinks about failure and all the reasons why you cannot succeed, and all the reasons why you should not be successful, and all the reasons why you should not even make an attempt to be successful.

What will follow?

What follows is obviously: no achievement and a defeated and negative attitude. Doing nothing, settling for less, but still hoping things will somehow, someday, magically change and get better.

Then the mind searches for reasons why this sort of attitude is better, safer or much easier than success. It justifies failure leaving you with the belief that success is only for those born into it, or only for the lucky ones, or that success is only for those who are bad people in some way, or have cheated in some way to get where they are.

All these negative thoughts and ideas or justifications are all false and need to be eradicated from the mind to clear a path for your success.


These articles are for those who seek success, who seek the universal laws and are willing to believe in those laws. It is those same laws that have brought about incredible success to so many people. For those that wish to expand and sharpen their minds and learn how to generate continuous success and are willing to develop the discipline to follow through on a few simple steps and actions to create a better life for themselves and their families and friends.
The presence of success has always been and will always be attracted to the ones who deliberately set out to become "aware of success" and are comfortable with success and intently set out to achieve success, to those who are always thinking about ways and means of becoming successful and being successful.

Failure is at the opposite end of the spectrum. It is the dominating result of those who allow themselves to fail and give up too easily and to label every result they get as a failure and not as a learning experience. They think about how and when they will fail, and process those negative thoughts that can only do one thing, and that is to ensure "failure"

Your mind is always aware of and uses the thoughts you feed it, i.e. it is the thoughts you think about, whether they be thoughts of success or thoughts of failure, this is what you get back, and this is what becomes your reality in some shape or form or situation or event. Your reality is completely under your control starting with your thoughts.

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