I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

This quote from Jimmy Dean carries within it the secrets of success, in most circumstances, no matter how terrible the situation is or how hopeless the state of affairs seems to be. If you comprehend this one sentence, you will never fail again. It means there is always a way around, through, or over the obstacle. It means you may not be able to control some elements of your life and your quest for success but you can adjust your tactics and strategies to accommodate and therefore ensure your success.

Your mind is without a doubt the most potent tool that you have been given; use it wisely and well and the whole world can be at your feet, use it not so wisely and you could find yourself on your knees and struggling for survival. The quicker you realise and accept this the better for all concerned.

The most successful people in the world already know, believe and accept the fact that the mind is a powerful tool. It's usually the unsuccessful people that are at a loss as to why they are so unsuccessful and why nothing ever goes right for them. It is usually these people who do not believe nor understand that the mind not only helps create success, but it actually attracts success when used correctly.

All ideas and all actions are preceded by a thought. There is absolutely no exception to this rule. Whatever you do or say at any time, originates with a single thought in your mind.
As an example, no matter how fast you try to speak, your mind thinks the words first before you actually say the words. The thought of the words are in your mind first, and then you speak the words. The faster you speak means your mind has been thinking faster than the rate of your speech. Now if you repeat something and continue to do it again and again, it then becomes a reflex action and the mind no longer has to think about the how and why, and goes straight from thought to the immediate action and then to the desired result.

This inbuilt reflex action mechanism works absolute wonders when you discover how to use it for the achievement of your own goals and desires. It is one of the elements to success and is also known as and linked to affirmations.

One of the main obstacles or hindrances to any quest for success and accomplishment is the learned collection of beliefs stored in your memory that you are more familiar with, and these collection of beliefs tend to outline failure more often, instead of success.

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