We understand advertising as a necessary tool for selling a product or just to inform customers. Electronic advertising is a specialised branch of this which is used depending on locality and customer profile and so should be used carefully as at some points this can cause more damage to the product than good. Since the products used for this display is highly priced so it is so strategically used to return the costs.

Why advertisement - We are very familiar with advertising. It is a part of the total marketing process to express a product or an idea. By marketing we try to reach the product to as many viewers as possible. For doing that advertising is a method. It can be done by many ways depending on the profile of the customer and the locality which is focussed. A programme may succeed in an urban locality but can flop in the rural market. Tastes of viewers, their financial solvency, their choices and the habits through which they have been raised are factors to consider for choosing an advertising campaign. So much data is not available with everyone. An alternative can be to go the banners and rough the tested campaigns in that particular locality. But that eliminates the uniqueness of a campaign. It will be beneficial to do some research for a new product advertisement.

Electronic advertisement- For any upmarket area that only caters to high class well moneyed persons the quality of the advertisements should also be such. It will not appeal to them if a Banner Stands or any such nondescript material advertisement is used. Most of them will also be mobile in high class vehicles so some Illuminated sign will be needed to attract. The digital advertising came as an improvement on the exiting scenario to upgrade the trade with time and modernise it. The earlier use of twisted neon signs were cumbersome and also quite expensive to fabricate. As a replacement came Led signs which also improved aesthetics. This type of displays are more beneficial to install as they are visible for long distances and can come into the vision of a lot of people at the same time, so they serve the purpose of viewer awareness in a more speedy way and hence reduce the overall cost. LED display is more entertaining as the visuals can be changed at will and so short commercials can also be accommodated in LED display. It has even been observed that some of the vehicles slow down near a LED display to go through the advertisements more clearly.

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