The use of the air conditioning system, in the initial days, raised brows of many people. Many of them tried avoiding it thinking it would bring health issues. However, even after several years, the misconception related to the use of the air conditioning in Wollongong still prevails.

Here are some of the common misconceptions associated with the cooling system you need to get rid of.

Read on to find out the truths.

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"For Faster Cooling, Temperature Need to be set Low"

Reality: The fact is that cooling of the room takes the same time irrespective of the temperature at which the air conditioning system is set. It is because many of these cooling vents cool the room atmosphere in a uniform way. Also, the configuration of the air conditioner is same. The motor speed always remains the same. Therefore, the cooling rate is also same.

"The Air Filter Needs to be Attended Once in a Year."

Reality: People often mix changing the air filter with that of the inspection. Experts suggest carrying out scheduled inspection of the air filter - at least once in a month or thrice. The condition of the air filter is directly related to the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. If the filter is dirty, then it should be cleaned to make sure that the air is cooled properly. The cooling rate of the air conditioner is directly proportional to how much clean the filter is.

A dirty filter prevents the efficient flow of the air and hence blocking the unit to generate cool air. Professionals associated with air conditioning in Illawarra say that such obstructions put a stress on the unit resulting in frequent repairs.

"Regular Maintenance is Not Necessary for the Air Conditioners."

Reality: Wrong! All machines demand regular maintenance. If denied, the machine can become the victim of premature failure. The wear and tear of the machine will be high resulting in more costly and unnecessary repairs. Therefore, it is needed to have a thorough inspection on a routine basis. A routine check-up or inspection highlights the minor faults and thus prevent these faults to turn into a major one.

"Turning the Unit On or Off Frequently Ensures Comfort."

Reality: It is another misconception among the common users. Frequently switching off the unit puts a stress on the cooling unit or the compressor, and in the long run, the unit is at fault. The modern air conditioning unit comes with thermostat, humidity rectifier and all the embedded features that are helpful in ensuring a comfortable stay and cooling. Therefore, this is completely a wrong conception that frequent switching on and off the air conditioning unit helps to save money.


The use of air conditioning unit must be free from all sorts of myths. People must be aware of all the facts associated with it and in case of doubt consulting the experts and reading about the benefits it can offer is going to be an added benefit.

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The author is associated with the repair and servicing of air conditioning in Wollongong and Illawarra. In most of the articles, the author highlights the effective ways to maximise the use of these units without affecting the budget.