Odisha is a paradise for food lovers. From the unmatched tastes of the vegetarian dishes to the mouth-watering non-veg delicacies, the place has food for every taste bud. Every meal served in Odisha is sumptuous and super tasty. The authentic local recipes of the state are a treat for every foodie. The exotic smell and presentation of these dishes make everyone drool over. So get ready, pack your bags and grab your flight coupons to relish the famous local dishes of Odisha mentioned below:

1. Pakhala Bhata

Popularly eaten during the summers, Pakhala Bhata is made as lunch in every household of the state of Odisha. The dish is prepared with leftover rice, which is soaked overnight, and sour card. The rice soaked overnight gets fermented the next day, giving an enriching taste. It is usually served with potato, papad and badi choora making it one of the most delicious dishes of Odisha. The recipe of this dish originated at the holy Lord Jagannath Temple. It comes in many variations such as Basi Pakhala, Jeera Pakhala and Dahi Pakhala. Book domestic flights to Odisha to grab a taste of this lip-smacking traditional Odisha dish.

2. Kanika

Kanika is an age-old dish of Odisha prepared from aromatic basmati rice, cashew, raisins, and ghee. It is a sweet pulao having fine texture, fragrance and exotic taste. It is served as one of the dishes to the 56 items in Lord Jagannath’s ‘Chappan Bhog’ prasad.

3. Chungdi Malai

The coastline of Odisha offers some great seafood for seafood lovers. This creamy gravy flavourful dish is prepared with prawns and coconut milk mixed with delicious local spices. Chungdi Malai is garnished with finely chopped coriander leaves and served with steaming hot rice. Do not forget to try this delicious dish during your Odisha vacation.

4. Macha Ghanta

Being a coastal state, fish is the staple food of Odisha and Macha Ghanta is the most liked fish dishes served in the state. It is a traditional food prepared by frying the fish head and cooking it in onion, garlic, ginger, tomato, and other local spices. Served with salad and steamed rice, the dish is a treat to the taste bud of every non-vegetarian.

5. Podo Pitha

A treat for the sweet tooths, Podo Pitha is prepared during the Raja Festival of Odisha. The main ingredients of the dish include fermented rice, black gram, coconut and cardamom, which are slowly cooked in clay ovens. The addition of caramelized jaggery gives a burnt texture and enhances the taste of the dish, making you crave for more.

6. Pilaf

Pilaf is another dish for non-veg lovers. This local dish is prepared by adding dry fruits, spices, vegetables, and meat Pilaf cooked in a seasoned broth. These stir-fried accompaniments are then fixed with rice to impart a delicious taste to the dish. It is often served with fish fry or chicken gravy. When in Odisha, do not miss trying this local dish.

7. Santula

Cooked with fried or boiled vegetables, Santula is an authentic vegetarian local dish of Odisha. The dish is prepared by blending raw papaya, brinjal, potato, and tomato. Rich in nutritional value, Santula is low on spices which makes it easy to digest. The nutritional and healthy properties of this dish have made it a popular cuisine in every household.

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