As we age, aches and pain seem to be part of who we are. Joint pain becomes part of our day-to-day life and so we don’t think too much about it. We may attribute joint pain to our active past in our youth or simply to the fact that we are getting older.

But oftentimes joint pain has nothing to do with our exercise level and age and more to do with alternative factors.

In fact, joint pain can actually be your body’s way of telling you something just isn’t quite right. So before you dismiss your joint pain, consider some of these illnesses associated with joint pain that your body is warning you about.

What your joint pain is a sign of

Medication side effect: Medications are prescribed as a means to treat a pre-existing illness. But sometimes it can result in some nasty side effects, including joint pain. Certain antibiotics, like penicillin, can add fuel to the fire causing your joint pain to worsen.

If your joint pain is followed by red rashes on the skin, stomach troubles and red eyes, you can be experiencing side effects to medication. Speak with your doctor right away for a change of treatment.

Bone cancer: Although the chances are low — the American Cancer Association estimates 2,970 new bone cancer cases in 2015 — joint pain can still be a symptom of bone cancer. Depending on how long you’ve been experiencing the pain and if swelling has accompanied the pain, it’s still worth getting checked out.

Because the symptoms of bone cancer are similar to that of arthritis getting a medical opinion can rule out its severity.


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