When illness strikes in your life it can be devastating. You feel dreadful, and can no longer enjoy the things you used to love doing. There is now so much to worry about. How are you going to pay the mortgage and put food on the table? Are you going to lose your job? How are you going look after your family? You would do anything to recover. You may be spending a fortune on alternative therapies and dietary supplements. Nothing seems to work though. Why?

The fact is that your subconscious mind might have a very different view on the issue. It might actually like you being ill!

The motivations of your subconscious mind can be very surprising. To your subconscious, your devastating illness might be serving a purpose. Now, consider this: if your subconscious wants you to remain ill, it has the power to keep you ill. Your brain controls all the processes of your body. It gives the intricate instructions which keep everything functioning, every second of your life. It controls your immune system. It regulates the hormones. It also knows how to do the job perfectly. Consequently, if it wants to keep you ill, it can easily sabotage the processes of your body to get its way.

Consider the following questions now:

Is it safe for me to recover?

Close your eyes, and see yourself in your current life. Now, in your imagination, allow yourself to recover completely. The pain, illness and incapacity have gone, and you are healthy and full of energy.

Next, consider the changes that will take place, now that you are well. See yourself back in the world, back in your job, moving forward with your life. Now tune into your feelings, in particular your heart and your stomach. What are you feeling? Are you feeling relieved, joyful and excited to be out there again? On the other hand, is there anxiety, fear or panic? If you are feeling anything negative, then you have a mental programme saying that the illness is keeping you safe.

Sabotaging Beliefs:
I have to escape from my life at all costs.
I need to be ill to be safe.

Has your illness been a blessing?

Think about your life since you became ill. What has happened. Think particularly about your family. Has your family rallied around you? Do you feel that they are closer than they used to be? Have relationships in the family healed since you became ill? Have people put their differences aside in the face of your illness? Do you feel truly cared for and loved now? Did you feel loved and cherished before, or did you feel taken for granted? If there have been such benefits, then your mind probably sees your illness as the glue which is holding things together.

Sabotaging Beliefs:
I need to be ill to keep my family together.
I need to be ill to heal my family.
I need to be ill to be loved.

Are you still hoping to gain something by being ill?

Is there something you desperately want to repair in your life, but it seems hopeless? Is someone you love estranged from you? If this is the case, then very likely your subconscious has a belief that if you can get ill enough, you can bring that person back into your life. Normal methods of reconciliation have not worked, and so desperate measures are required.

Sabotaging Beliefs:
If I can get ill enough and nearly die, this person will return to me.
I must bring them back to me at all costs.

While any of these beliefs are sitting in your subconscious, it is extremely unlikely that your mind will allow your body to heal itself. If you are suffering from a serious or chronic illness, it is essential to check whether your mind is holding sabotaging beliefs, and if it is, change them without delay. Once they are gone and changed to life-affirming programmes, your subconscious will allow your body to heal itself. Doing this was the key which allowed me to regain my health, and put ME and Chronic Fatigue behind me for ever.

Leave things as they are, and you may be looking at years of illness ahead of you, or worse. Change this mental programming and you can get your health and your life back again.

Author's Bio: 

Dr Anne Whitehouse started off as a Scientist, but lost everything to ME. Despite being told she would have it for ever, she got better by changing the subconscious programming which had made her ill. Today she is completely free of ME. Anne is now a transformational therapist and author of You Are The Alchemist - Transform Your Life, a book which teaches you how to do this for yourself.

Is illness ruining your life? Would you like to learn how to clear the roots of your illness? Go to www.youarethealchemist.com to find out how and join Anne online at www.annewhitehouseauthor.com to have your questions answered.