HTML also known as Hyper Text Markup Language is basically used to present and construct the content of a website. It is a formatting language and is greatly associated with website development. With the growth of the Internet and its popularity, creating a business website for online presence has become common among people. Earlier HTML was overshadowed by certain scripts that enabled the developers to do more. Software developers also looked for CSS, Javascript and other technologies that were able to create robust and powerful websites. With this, the popularity of HTML began to fall until recently HTML5, a revitalized version of HTML has been introduced. It is a package that includes various features like device support storage, cross compatibility, SEO and browsing.

HTML5 is still under progress but it has become an important part in web development. It is assumed to replace some web technologies and bring various features under one unified platform. The web hypertext application technology working group started to work on HTML5 and the entire project is not expected to be completed till 2015. Some of the

specification of HTML5 web development is stable and some other features requires more work. It is expected to offer a workable open source platform to be used in browser applications so that multiple vendors can contribute to the development of it and there is no individual having control over certain specific aspects of the Internet. Let us discuss some of the most important features of HTML5 in this piece of writing.

Storage capacity: HTML5 has a built in storage capacity that enables it to store client databases offline, store cookies, cache files etc and this is considered to be the most admirable features of HTML5 development services. The cookies can be opened in different windows and have high security and performance. It also assures that there will be no loss of any data.

Better accessibility feature: with the launch of HTML5, the first question that came to everyone’s mind is that whether it can run on the existing browser or not? HTML5 is highly accessible with all the major browsers like IE, Google chrome, Opera, Mozilla etc. The conversion process from PSD to HTML is better and clear and it supports both standard as well as doc type coding. Another major advantage about HTML5 design services is that it is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Enhanced interactivity: HTML5 is considered to create more interactive websites that supports animations. It not only reduces the time to create videos and animations through plug-ins but also lessons the efforts. File handling system is much easier and new API’s are available that helps in creating attractive and functional websites.

Flexibility: Compared to Flash, HTML5 is more flexible and effective in developing websites. The flash plug-in in iPhone is buggy and very slow and so mobile application developers are using HTML5 instead of flash.

Support mobile browsing: Website that is created with HTML5 can support various hand held devices. These highly functional websites can be seen clearly on mobiles without formatting the layout manually. The website can be easily customized for different mobile browsers.

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Jessica Gilbert is, a technical writer, currently working with a web development company which is one of the leading company in HTML5 development.