If one was to hear about someone who is being treated unfairly, they could end up feeling angry about what is taking place. This could relate to someone who, because of their gender, was turned down from a job.

Alternatively, this person may have read the job description and found out that they were the wrong race. It then wouldn’t have been possible for them to apply, let alone be tuned down for the role.

Not the First Time

And while this could be the first time they have heard about something like this, it could be something they hear about all the time. There is the chance that their friends and family have had these kinds of experiences.

In addition to this, one may have come across articles online where people have spoken about this. One could also look back on their own life, and remember times when they were not treated fairly.

One Approach

Consequently, one might look into what they can do to change the world, and there are going to be a number of things that they can do. One of the easiest things would be for them to start their own blog, or to create videos.

Through doing this, one will be able to share their views with other people, and this can be done without coming across as some kind of tyrant. One could talk about the effect that this has not only on people, but on society as a whole.

It’s all about the Delivery

On the other hand, if one was to talk down to people or to blame a certain group of people, for instance, it would be lot harder for them to get their point across. Instead of having a positive effect on the world, one would be creating even more problems.

For example, if one was to say that one race is to blame for what is taking place, it is highly likely that this will anger a lot of people. Not only that, one would be trying to remove the division that exists by creating even more division.


It might then be a good idea for them to take a step back and to look into what it is that they are trying to achieve. They might need to ask themselves if they want to make the world better, or if they simply want to change how they feel.

What this shows is how important it is for one to be aware of how they feel, and to have the ability to reflect on what is taking place within them. As even though they can believe that they are coming from the right place, this might not be the case.

Two Sides

When someone gets turned down from a job or if they are unable to apply due to what they look like, there are a number of things that can take place. This could cause them to feel incredibly angry, and the might end up internalising how they feel.

It will then be normal for them to feel depressed, and they might sink deeper and deeper into themselves. Or, they could get angry about what has happened and then before long, they could look for another job.

One Direction

This will show that they are not willing to throw the towel in, so to speak, and this is likely to benefit them in the long-run. One could believe that life is too short for them to get caught up with things that are out of their control.

So, by focusing on what they can control, it will allow them to keep going until they achieve their desired outcome. What they could also think about is that there are other areas of their life when something similar has taken place.


Perhaps there have been moments in their life when they were attracted to someone, but they were told that they were too old for them. There may also have been moments when they found out that they were the wrong race.

If they were a different race, they may have been able to take the next step with this person. And while this might annoy them, they might see that there have also been times when they have behaved in a similar manner.

It Doesn’t Stop There

When it comes to the people who they let into their life, they may have a number of different requirements. Therefore, they are not just going to be friends with anyone, and this is going to stop them from treating everyone in the same way.

Along with this, they could have a very strict diet, and this is going to mean that they won’t just put anything into their mouth. This could be a sign that they are trying to lose weight or they may be a vegan, for instance.


If they allowed anyone into their life and put anything into their mouth, they would suffer unnecessarily. It might then be a good idea for them to look into if they actually value themselves.

As based on how they are behaving, there is as strong chance that they feel worthless at a deeper level. When someone values themselves, they won’t put up with people who are dysfunctional and neither will they throw anything into their mouth.


What this shows is that discrimination is not bad per se; it all depends on what it relates to. If one didn’t have this ability, they would be like a defenceless child, and they probably wouldn’t last very long on this planet.

At its root, this ability is there to keep them alive; nothing more, nothing less. However, this part of them can end up being taken over by other parts of them, and this will cause them to behave in ways that are destructive.

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