Domestic Small Wind Energy.

The idea of having a solar panel situated on your property that will provide your domestic energy supply has become common coin for most householders. However, to compliment this, growing numbers are also looking at small wind energy projects that will not only compliment this system, but is also adapted to different weather conditions required for the functionality of solar. It is limited to those that have an acre of land. It's now possible to install a 5 kilowatt generator for about $27,000 - if you have an area of about an acre. Although a sound option for the environment, not good news for ROI (return on investment) enthusiasts. But you can always check to see if there are tax credits or rebates available in your local area or state. The theory being that any extra energy generated is fed back to the grid and the utility company will still provide your needs when the wind don't blow.

Taking a Community Perspective

If you don't happen to live on a small-holding or ranch then you can still perhaps benefit by forming your own local community project by utilizing local schools, churches and other organizations that have the land area requirement. The ever-growing popularity of small wind energy stems from it's environmentally friendliness and cost saving benefits. The World Summit on small wind energy is being held in Husum, Germany this March (2010). Many community based projects will be displayed that will show how to implement a cleaner, cost-effective but dependable domestic power source.

Wind Ownership. Do Commercial Interests Own Our Resources?

Due to advancements in technology, wind energy is now becoming less expensive to produce than fossil fuel energy. If you look at the $120 billion spent annually on the production costs of fossil fuels and the environmental damage this causes, how will the oil companies then expect to remain dominant in the energy industry? Will they still be able to control market forces and prices by manipulating the supply of the wind resource? Perhaps they will be forced to invest in wind energy resources. A study undertaken by Stanford University claimed that there is sufficient wind source energy to provid for seven times the global requirement.

Communities vs Corporate.

The wind energy industry saw a growth of 5 times it's normal between 2000 - 2007. A global investment of $36 billion has already been made so far. There is a four-fold increase of predicted growth for the small wind energy industry over the next decade. We are then likely to see large companies lobbying to influence the government policy to initiate tax incentives and rebates for this type of energy. However, a community project will serve to avoid monopolies and restrictive over-regulation from over-charging the consumer. Investment shows that small wind energy will become the most widely used and cost-effective clean energy resource.

There is an excellent review that's worth taking a read on how individuals and communities can undertake their own Small Wind Energy

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