If a person is considering shedding pounds in a fast and safe way, then there are many healthy options to do it within a reasonable stretch of time. Various natural weight loss remedies are totally safe and are effective with results that are sustainable on the long term basis, wherein the extra pounds that are lost never return, unless the person continues with old eating habits. This results in a healthy body and a great figure that is desired by everyone.

One of the things you should mostly work on is your metabolism when you wish to shed weight. Try to increase the spped of your metabolism because this is responsible for the way in which the food is transformed into energy instead of fat. If a person has an interest in reducing weight, then fast body metabolism is necessary.

Body metabolism may be increased by adopting an engaged lifestyle. One doesn't have to participate in some fitness program.Any person can improve body metabolism by adding more activities in their daily routine. In the event a person is used to elevator to reach office, then stairs will have to be used. Walking will need to be preferred instead of driving when possible.

All this might need some considerable efforts in the beginning, but once the metabolism develops in the body, one may not have to make that much effort to sustain it. This helps the body in getting back to shape by losing those extra pounds, and the health will even improve automatically.

Another good step to make when trying to lose weight is to avoid sugar and carbohydrates. Food is the most severe enemy of all individuals who want to drop some pounds, and sugar and carbohydrates are to be kept at bay. These are still important for the body, but one need to stick to complex carbohydrates found in whole wheat, bread and various other foods. They are all rich in fiber and provide a sense of fullness. In general, carbohydrates and sugar must be consumed in sparing amounts to avoid excesses that are bound to end up as stored fat. With stored fat, one will gain weight, but by eating less fat-storing foods, anybody can manage weight effectively.

As opposed to a high carbohydrate and sugar diet, anybody can consume more of the so called 'negative calorie foods.' Technically, there are no foods containing zero calories, but this negative calorie bunch consume more calories only to digest them than what they actually contain. This will result in a hastening of the losing weight process. Some negative calorie foods are strawberries, papayas, celery, apples and guavas. By having such foods, instead of those that have high caloric content, anybody can shed weight within a reasonable period of time.

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Apart from negative calorie foods, one can also try consuming more proteins, specifically from livestock fed on a soy free diet. Chicken grown on a soy free poultry feed diet is a particular favorite, now that soy has been associated with cancer and heart disease prevention, among other health benefits.