The scientific method of dream interpretation was discovered by the psychiatrist Carl Jung. He discovered that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is a superior mind, which possesses undoubtable wisdom.

When we understand the symbolic messages of the unconscious mind, which are hidden in the dream images, we discover many unknown truths

* About our psychological reality,

* About the world,

* About our future,

* About our destiny,

* About the person we love,

* About the people around us,

* And about many other things we cannot imagine while we ignore everything we’ll gradually learn in the dream messages.

We discover another dimension behind the meaning of dreams.

First of all, the fact that we receive trustful information in our own dreams already proves that dreams are more important than what we could possibly imagine.

The information given by the wise unconscious mind in dream messages can be trusted. We always verify that the unconscious mind is right when we obey its guidance because we are protected from many dangers.

The wise unconscious mind never makes mistakes like ignorant human beings. The unconscious mind has a divine origin, and works like a natural doctor.

Carl Jung managed to understand the unconscious logic and the unconscious psychology. He discovered that the unconscious mind is a psychiatrist.

However, he was afraid to completely trust the unconscious mind that produces our dreams because he thought that the unconscious mind was also evil. His conclusion was absurd, since he knew that the unconscious mind was wise and had a divine origin.

The global mindset of his historical time didn’t let him perceive many logical contradictions in his conclusion. He believed in the possibility of the existence of a world “beyond what is good and what is bad”, while this statement lacks objectivity. What is good cannot be bad, and what is bad is always harmful.

If something is not good, this means that it is bad. There is no neutral condition when we analyze the moral aspect of what is good or bad.

On the other hand, Jung couldn’t see the anti-conscience, the wild and evil side of our conscience, which I could discover because I was almost schizophrenic. I could see how huge the absurdity of our conscience actually is.

A human being cannot fight against all this absurdity alone. The unconscious guidance in our dreams is indispensable.

I was very lucky because I could understand the unconscious language, and because I could perceive the unconscious sanctity. The information I had helped me completely trust the unconscious mind.

I had proof that the unconscious mind was good because various scientific discoveries that happened after Jung’s death confirmed that the nature of our planet is very well organized. This organization could only come from a superior brain. The precise organization that characterizes the functioning of our complex planet couldn’t be the result of pure chance.

I had more proof of the unconscious goodness thanks to my contact with the unconscious mind through my own literary works. My magical inspiration was given to me by the unconscious mind. This is why my own literature helped me better understand the dream language.

My severe mental illness and my vivid dreams helped me better understand the unconscious psychotherapy. This is why I completely trusted the unconscious mind, and I abandoned the decisions of my absurd conscience.

The evolution of dream therapy based on Carl Jung’s discoveries, and on my discoveries by following his method, has a religious importance that surpasses its scientific importance.

The unconscious sanctity proves the existence of a saintly God that protects our mental health. On the other hand, the evilness found into our anti-conscience proves that our conscience has a satanic origin.

The religious importance of this discovery will put an end to the original sin. Now that we know that we have a satanic origin, now that we know that we need psychotherapy, and now that we know that the unconscious mind is God's mind, everyone is going to obey God’s guidance by following dream therapy.

Everybody is going to stop following their ignorant and one-sided conscience. Everybody is going to stop being influenced by their evil anti-conscience. Everyone will learn the dream language and follow the unconscious guidance in order to be cured from the craziness they have inherited into their anti-conscience.

This discovery is a true revolution because it is the result of my obedience to the unconscious wisdom. My research was previously prepared by the unconscious mind; it was not based on my own speculations. I was simply putting God’s plan into practice while I was following the directions I had.

I had to discover the anti-conscience and prove to the world that we must obey the unconscious mind, so that we may completely eliminate all mental illnesses and find sound mental health.

The unconscious psychotherapy in dream messages is safe and totally free. Everyone can easily learn the dream language thanks to my simplification. Therefore, everyone will understand how to find peace and happiness by obeying God’s will.

You should be one of the first ones to reap the benefits of this knowledge, since you are reading this article. The psychotherapy of the unconscious mind in your own dreams will surely surpass your expectations.

The divine unconscious mind sends you important messages in dreams because only when you sleep you stop following your crazy ideas. These messages basically teach you the importance of sensitivity, compassion, and goodness because you are very far from sanity.

However, when you’ll analyze the meaning of your dreams, you won’t merely get rid of your mental illnesses and stop suffering. You are going to evolve and become a wise human being. You are going to meet God, and discover the meaning of life.

Unfortunately, our current civilization cannot perceive the real importance of dreams because it is materialistic and atheistic. The global mindset is characterized by selfishness, indifference to human pain, and a desperate pursuit of satisfaction based on having material pleasures. Most people are totally indifferent to their spiritual evolution.

However, you’ll discover that there is another dimension behind your material life, which your blind civilization cannot see. By translating the meaning of your own dreams you will surpass the knowledge of your historical time, and attain spiritual perfection.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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