Women 40 yrs Plus must discover how to breakfree and become an individual.

Your most precious possession in this life is your individuality. Know that your life will be based on mediocrity if you simply use others as a model and go along with the flow. You must learn to break free from the ‘usual and everyday’ mould and not allow the negative attitudes of lesser people to stand in your way of developing and promoting your own individuality.

Success in life is a result of being unique - no great person in this world ever set out to be a replica of anyone else.

You were born an individual and not a clone of another. Your life was initially molded by your parents, family and the environment around you. However, as you age and mature, the opportunity arises for you to break free and develop your own true individuality. This is your chance so reach out and grasp it now.

Along the pathway to discovering your own individuality, you will be hampered by obstacles and pressures to conform to the standards of others, meet people who will be jealous of your achievements and also endure pain and losses. However you must continue on the journey for the satisfaction and rewards of your success as an individual will be well worth the ride.

Your individuality will be a lifelong quest; however, there will be regular triumphs.

• Create relationships with others who seek individuality – there will be friction, but the bonds will hold

• Respect those who respect your individuality, regardless of their own personal growth or success goals

• Earn the respect of others

• Avoid those who seek to profit from your individuality

• Accept support and encouragement where it is offered

• Reciprocate with those who respect your quest for individuality and have helped you along the way

• Do not confuse individuality with ego

Use your individuality to enhance your own life and the lives of others and realize that positive individuality makes the world a better place.

Do not hesitate, procrastinate or make excuses. The sooner you move forward along the path of individuality, the sooner your life will be fulfilled.

Women - breakfree and discover your individuality. Your triumphs and success in life depends on it.

Author's Bio: 

Danette Hibberd
Wellness Coach
Total wellness for women 40 yrs plus encompassing all anti-ageing aspects in beauty, nutrition, emotional and physical areas through inspiration, motivation and education.