The key to your success is your ability to change your belief system. Your beliefs create your reality - change your beliefs and you change your life. What beliefs do you currently have that keep you from attaining goals that you want to achieve in life? Is it fear? Or the feeling that you need to have something before you can do what you want. There will never be a right time to do anything and you have everything you need right now in the present moment. Just take action and do one immediate thing to bring you one step closer. The four immediate keys to help you in your endeavors are:

1. Belief: To create a positive perception asks close friends how they feel about you. I know when growing up I often heard my teacher tell me that I could do much more because they seen that potential in me, and it encouraged me to stretch myself. Sometimes you have to believe in others belief until your belief kicks in. Remember “faith comes by hearing”

2. Enthusiasm: You all have heard “Enthusiasm is contagious” Often times we don’t celebrate something until we have accomplished the goal. Learn to celebrate in the small accomplishments with enthusiasm. You want to repeat that emotion you felt when you accomplished it and imagine how you will feel when everything has be achieved.

3. Persistence: If you truly believe in your passion then be persistence until you accomplish that goal. If you can’t accomplish something the way that you are currently doing it, attack it from another angle. Don’t allow rejection and obstacles to convince you to quit. Obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes off our goals. Visualize and imagine how you will feel when you have accomplished your goal, and use that feeling when you feel frustrated.

4. Be the 1. Remember there are two kinds of people in this world. The ninety nines and the ones. The ninety nines are the ones that don’t understand how you get things done; your dedication, your commitment, your desire, and most importantly your passion in service to others; the ninety nines can’t give 100% so they succumb to the push and pull of events and be reactive instead of proactive. The ONE has hard work ethics, always dreams of being greatness, and relishes in others success as well as their own because they are proactive, won’t settle and strive for excellence in their passion and service to others.

So learn and let go of the past, enjoy each present moment and be relentless in your pursuit of living your passion. Remember, whatever you believe will become your reality - you get one life - make it count. Don't let a negative or limiting belief system destroy your chance for success and happiness. And decide, are you going to be part of the Ninety Nine and settle? Or are you going to stretch yourself and be THE ONE!

Author's Bio: 

Ron Broussard is a published poet, author, and a personal development speaker. A US Army veteran, he has over 11 years of experience in the military and has explored more than thirty-five countries throughout the world. He currently resides in Georgia with his wife and two beautiful daughters.