How would you like to accomplish anything you want, faster? There is a secret that is available to any and everyone who wants just that! It’s a secret that is really powerful but sometimes hard to understand and take action around. It’s simple, yet difficult at the same time. But when you get it, you’ve got the key to unlock the achievement of your goals.

What is that secret? Clarity.

Clarity, as defined in the dictionary is the state or quality of being clear. Clear is defined in part as not dull or cloudy. Most think that they are clear in their intent or desire, or what they want to take action. But their results say otherwise. Why the disconnect? Because clarity truly means being open to what is in your mind, heart and soul without the impact of others thoughts, opinions and input. It means not allowing the outside events to influence the inside desires. It means giving attention and focus to what your heart and soul are truly saying to you. And when you listen and it feels true and good, then you’re in the vicinity of your own clarity.

Let me illustrate with a recent example. As a career transition specialist, I focus on helping individuals who are at a career crossing, get clear about what they deeply want to do. It is a critical FIRST step in their job search, career development and personal fulfillment. Otherwise, they continue to pursue someone else’s dreams!

In some recent discussions with clients in pursuit of new opportunities, I was struck by the numbers of times I heard the same deep longing. “I want to do event planning”; “I want to be a coach”, “I want to run my own business”, and on and on. When I asked what they were doing today… Well, you guessed it, none were in that field nor were they pursuing it. I must say that the relief that came across their faces when they said what they truly wanted to do was astonishing. You could see their eyes widen, their smiles broaden and their voices lifted. This is a major clue that you’re very close to your own clarity.

A lot of the reasons that people haven’t pursued their dreams is that they weren’t sure how. But as we talked further, I discovered that they were doing parts of it currently, but just weren’t making the connection. Just by saying it out loud, they began the process of becoming increasingly clear about what they want, why it’s important to their well being and how to get started. An amazing thing happens when you give sound and feeling to what it is you want.

Now you know that you must first give yourself the gift of voicing what it is your heart and soul truly longs for. Keeping it inside ensures you’ll get burned by the flame. So share it with a trusted friend mentor or coach. Ask for their input or resources that can help you learn more. You’d be surprised at what people are actually doing and making a great living at today!

The next step, as always, is taking action with your new-found clarity that unleashes the spark that burns the flame. Just start with one step to give you the evidence of what is possible. It can and will light the path to your first step and next steps to achieving the goals.

When you are clear about what you want, you start to see and experience coincidences, synchronicities, the Universe in full support of your desires, all of that. And as long as it’s what you truly desire and begin to take action, you will bring the results to you, faster.

Voila! Now you know the secret to accomplishing anything you want faster! Will you allow clarity to bring you closer to your true heart’s desire?

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Chris Makell is the Career Transitions Specialist dedicated to career professionals who are not satisfied with their career options or want to do something different but don’t know what or how. Begin by breathing deeply and relieve the stress – download your free 2 part audio program today, because you are at your best when you're clear, relaxed and open to the possibilities. Claim your MP3 here: