Awareness Engineering is founded on the premise that two things are required for the human experience. Consciousness is required for us to be aware of our (or any) Existence. Existence is required for Consciousness to have something to be conscious of. Both are axiomatic and foundational to life. Therefore, the highest purpose we each have is to establish experience in the subconscious and/or super-conscious mind. These experiences are the basis for personality, behavior, and morality. Our beliefs, decisions and direction are all based upon these experiences. They establish our goals, our fears, and our destiny.

It does not matter whether a person chooses to be a carpenter or a rocket scientist. It is the experience—diversified experience—that is the basis for perpetuating existence.

Since purpose lies in the variety and depth of experience, a career choice is only a matter of taste. Those who become frustrated with their choices are simply in need of more variety, or a change. Frustrations arise when the path being experienced is no longer necessary, has become redundant, or when the person is not yet ready for the particular path they have chosen.

There are easier and harder ways to accomplish life goals. When one is in the flow with their natural talents and gifts, the experiences will be more fulfilling on a deeper level. Synchronizing with karmic purpose will allow one to fulfill the self and put gifts to the highest use. While all experience can be purposeful, some experiences will get you to your destination quicker and more directly than others. It is your choice how fast you want to learn and grow. Some experiences and choices will even take you backwards—towards closing down, poofing out, and destruction. By poofing out I mean that the soul can eventually lose its energy and cohesiveness, disintegrating and eventually disappearing.

There is a particular feeling that can be sensed when one is on the right path and moving in purposeful experience. It can be subtle or it can be explosive. Oftentimes it is even more obvious when one moves off the path. If a person heeds these signs it will make it easier to stay on course.

When we are children, we are frequently more in touch with what purpose we have brought into this particular lifetime. By going back in our memories, we can often recall many activities that magnetically drew our attention. There may have been many hopes, dreams, and fantasies that were important to each of us.

Take a moment to think back to your childhood interests. What games did you play? What toys did you enjoy? What were your interests? What activities came easily to you?

Do you feel any resonance with any of those activities? Have you continued to participate in any of those same types of activities? Have any of those playtime interests developed into a career path?
As we were developing in our childhood, we may have been encouraged to “grow up”, be responsible, and do what was expected. These commands can confuse and cloak our true calling, our passions. Too often we end up playing out someone else’s script, someone else’s dreams. The result is a sense of disconnection and discontent. My wish is that everyone refuse to be so grown up that they forget to play and dream their own dreams.

Living in the midst of your purpose naturally generates energy and passion. You will go through life feeling joyful, surrounding yourself with the things that you love. And you will take time for yourself. You will awaken each morning with enthusiasm and in anticipation of the coming day.

Many people have never experienced those feelings. They go to jobs they hate, come home to watch TV, go to bed, and then go back to the job the next day—over and over again. This leads to depression and disease because they are not following their true soul calling. They are stuffing their desires and emotions, doing what they hate…everyday.

The steps in being purposeful begin with establishing a rationally based, sound value system. By living your life making choices that are aligned with your personal values, you will find that you are living a life of passion, purpose, and joy.

Why be concerned about what the other fellow is doing and what society expects from you—after all, are they looking out for YOUR best interests? Even if they think they are, they are mistaken if the result is such frustration and stress.

Why compare yourself to others when your greatest goals are to expand your own consciousness and promote your own existence? Imagine a world where everyone was fulfilled and passionate, joyfully expressing their unique purpose and path.

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Dr. Mary Lee LaBay, Ph.D., serves the community through her innovative work as a psychologist and hypnotherapist, facilitating gentle, yet effective solutions to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual crisis and evolution. Named among the Top 100 Thought Leaders by Personal Excellence Magazine, she maintains a private practice in Bellevue, WA. She may be reached at 866.440.4242.