Are we just born to eat, sleep, and enjoy life? Or were we born with a higher purpose? Right now, a lot of people only think that their bodily needs are the only important thing in life. But does that make us feel fulfilled?

70% of Our Life is Destiny - We have a purpose to fulfill here on this earth and that is our true destiny. We have a karmic debt that we have accumulated over millions of lifetimes. And that karmic debt must be repaid and so we can move forward in life and finally merge into the light of Love (God).

We Must Meet the Right People - We have a reason for coming back again and again, we have a karmic debt to repay to certain people. There is a very good reason why some people seem very familiar as soon as we meet them… we have met before and need to work together in order to nullify our karmic debt. And there are other people who will come into our lives in order to nullify their karmic debt and help us.

We Create Happiness and Suffering - All the happiness and suffering that we go through… are for the most part an endless cycle of giving and taking of karmic debt. The more love we give… the less karmic debt we have. The more pain we create for people… the more karmic debt we acquire and thus we move on in an endless cycle of karmic rebirth.

Creating Spiritual Progress Towards Enlightenment is the Answer - Merging into the Light of Love takes place when we start to see love everywhere. When we can see divinity in all beings… when we can see the good in all things… then and only then we start to merge into the light of love. This does not happen overnight… everyone goes through this karmic process. In fact, this is talked about by Saint Frances of Assisi, Sai Baba, Paramahansa Yogananda, even Jesus talked about seeing the good in all things.

When We Stop Using Logic and Start Using Our Heart… Everything Changes - Our mind is great, but our mind can always find a logical answer to everything. Even logical answers as to why we need to harm other beings… or not help those who are suffering… that is why we live in the world we have now… it’s all based on logic without love.

But when we start to become spiritual beings we stop all this excessive logical thinking… and start to work from our heart. When we become heart-based instead of head-based everything changes. Thus we are working in the world… but we are not of this world… as it says in all the spiritual texts. We are beings of love… and that is exactly what all the great teachers have come to tell us… LOVE and THEN LOVE SOME MORE.

So How are You Going to Spread Love?

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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