Have you ever felt inferior to someone taller than you? Have you ever wondered why you are short and someone in your family is tall? Have you ever feared that you would not be able to get the girl you wanted because of your height? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions don't fear because it has been proven that anyone could grow taller even if they haven’t grown in years!

When anybody desires to increase their height its important for them to focus on a few things to began on the right path. One of the first things that you should focus on is eating the proper foods. Diet plays a huge part in growing taller. Without the proper nutrition the body cannot grow to its maximum height which in the end will leave you on the short side.

Many of us are not getting the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients in out bodies. Vitamins are of the utmost importance when it come to growing taller, so we will look at a few that you must consume when trying to add any extra inches to your stature.

Vitamin A – This is a very important vitamin to have in your diet because it strengthens the bones and aids the body in growing. Here are the best sources to get your vitamin A:
Green vegetables
Organic beef liver
Organic lamb liver
Organic egg
Organic butter
Cod liver oil
Sweet potatoes

Vitamin D – This particular vitamin also strengthens the bones as well which is essential for growing taller. Here are the best sources to get this vitamin:
Silk soymilk
Campbell soup

Another very important part of growing taller is getting the proper exercise. Did you know in certain sports like baseball that the pitchers throwing arm is normally longer than his other arm? This is because he is stretching this arm more than his other one which is positive proof that its possible to increase your height when you do the right exercise.

A good stretching exercise to do is hanging on a bar. This helps stretch the spine as far as possible which will result in extra inches to your stature. You should go to the park or gym and hang on a bar for about two to three minutes. This should be done daily to see any results.

When doing exercises for the purpose of growing taller you must incorporate cardiovascular exercises into your plan. Swimming, playing basketball, and riding bikes are real good exercises to do. When riding a bike its best to put the seat up as far as possible to cause the legs to stretch. Remember is not really the sport that causes you to increase your height, but rather its the stretching your doing while playing the sport!

These are just a few good tips on how to increase your height naturally. As you gain some inches you will never again feel inferior to anyone or fear that you are too short to get the woman of your dreams. Follow these simple tips and you will be on the right track of being taller!

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