There is an idea among the people who are video game lovers that the old and rare video games of all time are packed away in some boxes, but perhaps they are all wrong. When t is about video games, there are many games that are made for once only and never came into another edition. The world is full of people who are lovers of video games, and if you are one of them, you might be very excited to know about the rarest video games of all time.

The rarest video game of all time comes with lots of incredible action and other things that have made them the all-time favorite of gaming lovers. We hope that you might now be curious to know about the most valuable video games, and we are going to satisfy your curiosity here. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we are going to tell you in detail about the top 3 rarest video games of all time.

1. Stadium events 1986

Talking about the rarest and the most valuable video games of all time, how can you forget the stadium event which was launched in 1986? This game was very popular till, and there are not few but plenty of people who are still crazy about this game.

When it comes to the gameplay, the game was all about the stadium games like the games that are played in the Olympics. There were only 2000 copies of this game produced, and only 200 made it to the shelf of the stores.

2. Air raid

In the list of top 3 rarest games of all time, the second one is air raid 2600. It was the only game made and launched by the Men-A-Vision. The game came in the market in 1982, and it came as a bang for the games.
In the game, the player is supposed to protect Manhattan from the UFOs flying in the sky. The last copies of this game were sold for 33,433 dollars in the auction.

3. Super Mario Bros

The next game on the list is the one that can never be forgotten by the gaming lovers as it is the best game ever made by Nintendo. This game was on the lips of people all around the globe, and if you have an original box of the game, you can get 30000 dollars for it.

Final thoughts

Here, we have described the top 3 most valuable video games of all time that have a very high value in the market to date. If you are a gaming lover, perhaps the given information is fascinating for you.

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