Those who live in the hustle and bustle of modern times know that our food is increasingly unruly. There are so many daily obligations that we lack time to stop everything and dedicate ourselves to what really matters: health. And when we are talking about healthy eating, it is almost impossible not to mention natural juices.

The fact is that few people really know the benefits that these juices bring to our health. Others even have this awareness, but do not know how to prepare them and the result does not end up pleasing on the menu.

In today's article, we will bring you some important information about the consumption of natural juices, in addition to talking about its benefits and teaching nutritious and delicious recipes to help you rescue your health.

What are its benefits?

Natural juices bring a multitude of benefits. According to nutritionists, natural juices contribute mainly to the hydration of the body. Being sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber. These juices also assist in the entire digestion process and improve the functioning of the intestine. Acting in the regulation of blood glucose and cholesterol levels, due to fibers.

The presence of minerals and vitamins helps the immune system to function much better, helping with oxygen transport, cell growth, metabolism, in addition to having antioxidant action and fighting free radicals. This avoids various diseases and aging is delayed.

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How to prepare a nutritious juice?

When we are talking about a natural juice, any fruit is valid. However, betting on the combination with other fruits may be the best ingredient. When countless fruits are combined, the benefit is tripled, since each fruit has a different source of minerals and vitamins. In case if you're an Indian then you can check Juicers available in Indian market.

You can combine two or more fruits in a single juice and to make it even more nutritious and tasty, the ideal is to always add, in addition to fruits, other healthy ingredients, such as fruit peels, vegetables, coconut water , leaves, functional seeds and herbs, for example.

It is also extremely important to note that juices should be consumed with brown or lean sugar and the ideal is to avoid using refined sugar. In fact, if you can take them pure it is even better!

See some examples of juices

Digestive juice: calms the stomach and improves digestion. To prepare this juice, you will need 1 packet of mint leaves, 1 apple, ½ carrot and 1 thin slice of ginger. A juice of 1 lemon and ½ glass of water can also be part of the recipe. Just beat all the ingredients in a centrifuge or blender and have it for breakfast.

Juice for the intestinal mucosa: helps the intestine to regenerate and deflate. For this recipe, we will need 1 cup (200 ml) of coconut water, 3 kale or broccoli leaves, 1 tablespoon of sesame, 1 apple or pear, ½ carrot and 1 cup (200 ml) of water. The method of preparation is quite simple: mix the ingredients in a blender and help yourself!

Green detox juice: since we are talking about natural juices, green juices cannot be left out. As the name already indicates, this type of juice helps to detoxify the entire body, aiding in weight loss and promoting more health.

To prepare this juice, an option is to combine the juice of 1 orange or apple with 1 leaf of cabbage and 1 spoon (soup) of germinated flaxseed. Beat everything in a blender and drink it for breakfast. To germinate the flaxseed, it is recommended to soak it in a glass of water for about 6 hours. When the liquid becomes a gel, you can mix it with other fruits!

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