Discover the Healing Powers of Your Mind
By Rod Kelly, BCH

You’ve just left the doctor’s office and a wave of dread sweeps over you. You never thought it would ever happen to you, and yet it has. A million thoughts swirl in your mind, and none of them are pleasant. The harder you try to think rationally, the more negative clutter you draw into your thought. Frantically you try to grasp a single positive thought, only to have it dashed away by countless thoughts and feelings of despair.
Every day, this scenario is repeated by countless people just like you, in every walk of life. Statistically each year modern medical science increases the positive outcome of most medical conditions, but still the odds aren’t good. Disease and illness are sweeping the world like a plague of locusts. What can you do to begin to turn the odds into your favor?
In the past fifty years or so the vast majority of North Americans have passed off the responsibility of maintaining their health to others. “The Doctors can heal me. Just give me a pill or two” Sound like something you have said, more than on one occasion?
Our bodies were created with the ability to heal themselves. Not just a cut finger, or a sprained ankle, but our entire body. If our primal instincts are to survive, doesn’t it make sense, that somewhere in the recesses of our minds there has to be the ability to heal ourselves? The more we give away the responsibility to heal to other, the weaker our own healing abilities become. If we continue on this path of non-responsibility for our health doesn’t it seem logical that our own healing systems will become as useless as our appendix has become?
The mind has dominion over the body, and whatever the mind conceives and believes tends to become its reality. Sure, the mind is powerful, no one doubts that, but can it be powerful enough to help you overcome your medical condition? What stands in your way? What would prevent this amazing ability from becoming a reality?
Learning to heal one’s self is a totally natural ability. Most of our bodies were born in perfection with every single system in our bodies working in perfect synchronization. The most amazing thing is that somewhere in the recesses of our minds we have always known how to overcome disease and illness. We have simply just forgotten how to do it. It has become so easy to just give the responsibility of healing our bodies away to others. Perhaps is just our way of having someone else responsible when we don’t heal the way we would like.
The truth of the matter is that it is your responsibility to heal yourself. For the most part, the medical profession is at a huge disadvantage when you don’t take an active role in your healing process.
The healing process begins with a shift in attitude. The attitude must be diverted towards self-empowerment. There is an amazing invisible force that give intent its nearly magical powers. Whatever one conceives and believes tends to become their new reality.
However will-power alone is totally ineffective in this battle, because will-power lacks the fortitude needed in the struggle towards wellness. The use of medical hypnosis is an extremely useful tool to enable people to imprint beneficial understandings. Additionally it also a vital tool to dispel the negative beliefs and actions that caused the condition to become manifested to begin with.
An effective technique that is commonly used provides the client with access their own unconscious mind to tap into their immune system. Once access is gained though a guided meditation, the client is instructed how to make the perfect adjustments to bring their own healing potential to a much greater level. In essence, their belief systems become heightened higher level. Once they believe that their body is healing, their body often responds quite favorably. This is witnessed frequently in experimental medicines where pills with no medicinal qualities what so ever are prescribed and the client experiences the “placebo effect”. Their beliefs alone create the necessary cure.
However beliefs require actions to become realized. Negative behavioral patterns must be altered. Once again, hypnosis by a trained professional can enable these changes to become realized, and the necessary adjustments become implemented.
When a client’s or patient’s healing systems are elevated they naturally become much more responsive to modern medical treatments and medications. A great number of progressive hospitals throughout the country are incorporating Integrative Medical Departments into their programs. The understandings of the benefits of a wide range of complimentary medical techniques are becoming more realized each and every day as their results become more documented.
Medical hypnosis is a powerful tool in health care, and has proven to be extremely cost effective as well.
“Take back the responsibility of healing and move towards a more healthy and lengthy future.”

Author's Bio: 

Rod Kelly has his Master's Certification in Hypnosis and is also Board Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, The oldest organization of its kind. He also is certified in Reiki. Rod was also trained in Native & Celtic Spirituality.