A tooth extraction also referred to as dental extraction, exodontia, tooth pulling or exodontics is the removal of a tooth or teeth from the dental socket of the jawbone or alveolar bone. At URBN Dental, we offer braces tooth extraction services with a lot of caution. At our dental clinic, we do not advocate for tooth extraction, until we are sure that there is no other option after trying to save it. There are several reasons that lead to teeth braces extraction. Some of the most common problems include dental infections, trauma, supernumerary teeth, retained milk teeth, impacted teeth, and treatment of overcrowding. Most dental infections are treatable in their early stages, and if not treated early, they progress to irreparable stages where the only option left is for the tooth to be extracted. We also advocate for customers to visit our dental clinic for a check-up in good time to avoid tooth extraction. We offer braces after extraction services to customers all over Houston, TX once they come to our clinic for tooth extraction.

As we offer braces tooth extraction services, we treat gum or periodontal infections that lead to tooth extraction. If you are looking for braces after extraction service that is Affordable, and if your teeth are in bad condition, then URBN Dental Clinic will be the best place for you. Our curative dentistry combines different dental care solutions to reduce your oral health problems, and restore your mouth back to its original state. Curative dentistry includes procedures such as braces extraction, which help preserve the natural condition of your mouth. We offer various dental services when it comes to general dentistry, such as bridges, dentures, Invisalign, root canal therapy and cosmetic dentistry. Once you discover URBN Dental, the thought of having to search for braces tooth extraction services will be long gone, as you will know where to find us. At our clinic, we are dedicated to excellence by providing extraordinary quality dental care in a comforting and friendly environment at a cost that is quite affordable. We believe that all and sundry warrant a beautiful smile, and we have made it our business to offer the best braces extraction services at the most economical prices.
We welcome you to book an appointment with our dental specialists at your convenience, by making a call, whether, on a weekday or Saturday, you can be sure that you will find us. As we offer braces after extraction, we accept all major insurances, including Medicare. Once a tooth has been extracted, it is inadvisable to use hot foods or drinks. We recommend that you eat ice cream or drink juice that will assist in controlling bleeding and develop a fine closure. We are always ready to offer you a range of braces tooth extraction services to meet all your needs. All our dental specialists are well-trained and have enough experience to treat any type of dental problems of the patients. URBN Dental will restore your oral status again, help you achieve a healthy and shining smile that you will be proud to show off.

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