Hi Mark here NLP Business Coach in this post I want to discuss how helping other people get what they want, helps you get what you want.

As we grow older and wiser you may or may not notice that there is much more to life than just ourselves. For some this aha moment comes at a very young age, for others it takes a little longer, if not ever at all.

Whether you are a Small Business Owner, Working on becoming a small business owner, entrepreneur, employee or on Government help there is one thing that will set you apart from everyone else…

”Your willingness to give unconditionally”

It is one of the most important laws in life, What is it? “Law of Reciprocity”. The law states if when you give without condition to a customer, employee, friend, colleague, peer or otherwise then at some time you will be repaid. In some way, shape or form your unconditional contribution will be returned to you by those very same people you gave too.

At the beginning of the new millennium my wife and I moved to the 6th largest cities in Australia, leaving all our friends and family and starting our own life together. We were newly weds, had a little saved and set off to start our life together in a new city.

Now it has been one of the biggest learning experiences of our lives, starting from scratch. No friends and no established network. I was working in a secure job and moved into that very same job, which didn't have much room for growth and did not want to be doing the rest of my life. When I finally took the leap out of my safe secure job, into a job I thought would help get me to were I wanted to be, ended in disaster. My plan went pear shaped and resources where low. Anyone been there?

I had no website, no blog, no business, I didn't know anything about how to make money on the Internet. Now I have a few websites and an interesting business as an NLP Mind Coach transforming business and individual minds in a dramatic way.

I am not making six figures at this stage, however I expect it will happen as my goal is to impact over one million people, helping them use their brain for a change.

Now I do enjoy making money, and lots of it… But to be honest money is only an idea, just a by product of how much you are willing to contribute.

You may have heard this before… “If you help enough people get what they want, you will eventually get what you want”

There are many ways to engage the Law of Reciprocity and help others get what they want…

Talk to 5 new people a day about your product of service
Share and add value to these people for nothing in return
Connect and help people on Facebook or any social media
Share Blog Posts
Offer Helpful Comments on other Blogs
Connect on Twitter and retweet other helpful tweets
Share Success Stories
Purchase other Programs and/or Products
Shower you clients with Gifts
Promoting other great products or services that helped you
Say Thank you using cards, emails and text messages
Make someone feel appreciated over the phone or face-to-face

The rules of engagement are simple: “It needs to be unconditional”.

If you attempt to fake this one, it will be noticed, people are savvy when it comes to this stuff, they can notice BS a mile away. If you are not genuine in your giving and you are constantly expecting a return then chances are your efforts will fall in a heap.

Another important rule is when people complement you about anything, practise appreciation by saying the words: “Thank You, thank you very much.” This is a new learning for my wife, Lynda. She was always giving herself less credit where credit was due. Lynda is very creative when it comes to gift wapping and has never thought how fantastic she is at presentation. She has been actively accepting the appreciation deserved.

The Actor Will Smith is known for how appreciative he is when people complement him about anything. it starts with our own positive internal representation about ourselves. We need to appreciate our own accomplishments and understand that our internal pictures, sounds and feelings inside our mind effect our outcomes. When we feel good about how we contribute to the world, others will also. The best way to identify your progress in life is to measure your progress against your success and learning's along the way. I have a process I use with my clients called the success technique which creates an internal change to the meaning of success and failure. As I have a strong belief that there is no failure only feedback.

I have learnt this along the way and when I focus on what I could CONTRIBUTE to small business owners and individuals looking for change, my business seems to benefit in more ways than one.

Ask yourself these questions…

How may I serve?
What can I do to help this person’s life be a little better?
How can I show my appreciation for what they have done for me?

How much you give with no expectation of return will determine how much you will get back in return.

It may not be 6 figures (at least not yet) but it may very well lead to 6 figures or even 7 in the end. Or it may just lead you to opportunities or a world of possibilities, waiting for you to take action upon.

So ask yourself……

* What are you doing today to give to those that have helped you along your journey?

* How can you serve them, and in turn help them get what they want?

Be genuine, do it often, build an incredible foundation for success by helping build the success of others and remember to take action on that foundation and create a business and life your proud to share!

It's fun to give, go out and make it happen in abundance.

Author's Bio: 

Mark Holland uses an approach to psychotherapy and a model of change based on the subjective study of language, communication and change. Mark as a NLP Mind Coach has a lot of success helping people change their mindset, make big changes and achieve big results.