If you have migraine, you know how painful it is. The throbbing severe pain in the temple or behind the eye or ear that sometimes affect one or two sides of the head could be very disabling. Nausea, vomiting and the sensitivity to light and sound could make migraine really a worse experience. When the pain is too severe that it prevents you from functioning normally for hours or even for days, you probably wish to have the power to overcome migraine to feel better.

The cause of migraine is not yet fully understood but genetics, hormonal change, chemical imbalance in the brain and environment factors seem to contribute to the occurrence of this severe headache. So, how to overcome migraine? The following tips can be very helpful to ease the pain of migraine.

See your doctor. Migraine is a common headache that many people experience, it is a severe headache that could interfere with one's normal life so it is important not to self-medicate. Over-the-counter headache medicines may not be effective for migraine but may cause rebound headaches. Certain medications like oral contraceptives could trigger migraine so it is important to work with your doctor if you want to overcome migraine. Severe headache could be a symptom of other medical condition so it is best to see your doctor.

Identify your triggers and avoid them. Migraine can be easily managed and controlled if you know your triggers. Identify the factors that increase your risk of having migraine attack. Make a dairy of your migraine attacks to identify your trigger. Common triggers are stress, alcoholic beverages like beer and red wine, foods with MSG, (monosodium glutamate), change in weather, lack of sleep and too much sleep. Once your trigger is identified, it would be easier to overcome migraine. For instance if your trigger is stress, learn healthy ways to cope with stress to stop suffering from migraine.

Lifestyle change. Your current lifestyle maybe causing your migraine attacks. Unhealthy lifestyle often leads to illnesses and medical issues like migraine. Simple changes in your lifestyle can be very helpful if you want to overcome migraine. Avoid unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, staying late at night and eating unhealthy foods. Get enough sleep but do not overslept and as much as possible create a normal sleeping pattern, exercise regularly and practice relaxation techniques to relieve stress.

Alternative treatments. Non-conventional treatments may be helpful if you want to overcome migraine. There are various alternative treatments to ease migraine like acupuncture, biofeedback therapy, hormone therapy and herbal treatments. Of course before exploring alternative treatments you have to do your homework to know the facts and avoid putting your health at risk.

Severe headache like migraine could interfere with one's activities and it is important to overcome migraine as early as possible to improve the quality of your life.

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