Is making him love you more than ever a possibility? Can you use specific tools and techniques to give your relationship a lift to the next level? Do you long to have a deeper connection with your partner or spouse? While you can never force someone to love you, you can show love in specific ways and receive love in return. Remember, love is a two way street! Here are some time honored techniques for improving the quality of your love relationship.


Respect is a fundamental aspect of the success of every human relationship. When we talk about respect as it relates to making him love you more, it is not a degrading, negative type of fearful respect we are discussing. Here is what respect looks like in a love relationship:

• Allow your partner to be himself. Don't try to change fundamental things about him. Nobody wants to be involved with a controlling person - no matter how cute she is.

• Respect his ideas and opinions, even if he does not think the same way that you do. Don't make him feel stupid.

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• Give your loved one personal space and privacy. Everyone needs time to think, read, and work on their inner self. Different people need varying amounts of space.

By respecting your man and showing that you love him as he is, you give him a feeling of self worth and fulfillment. He may very likely feel as though he could never live without you.


If you don't understand the man you are with, don't feel bad. Many of us have no idea where the men in our lives are coming from. Talk to your guy, in a nonjudgmental way, about the thoughts, ideas, and feelings that he has. Making at least an attempt to show compassion and understanding is vital to making him love you more.


One of the hallmarks of the human race is that we have the ability to communicate with one another in a wider variety of ways than any other known species. We communicate in many ways - in the way our thoughts show on our faces and our posture, in what we say, in what we do, and in what we fail to do.

Communication can be as simple as a single touch or as complicated as a dissertation on paper.

Communicate with your man frequently. Don't bug him when he is busy, but take and active interest in participating in conversations with him.


No one can resist a person who is honest and aboveboard. Honesty in a relationship can help it grow in leaps and bounds. Sometimes we hide our feelings or thoughts in an attempt to spare our partners. While this can be an effective way to prevent hurt, it can also compound. Being open and honest with your guy is a big part of making him love you more.

Spending Quality Time Together

Spending time together doing various projects, working toward similar goals, or just hanging out is one of the most important aspects of making him love you and feel that life just wouldn't be the same if you weren't there.

Life is busy, and it can be challenging to be very close with another person. Taking the time to honor and respect your partner, spend time with him, and show him how much you care is the best way to advance your relationship and enjoy life more.

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Are you hoping to find loyalty in love? With all the horror stories you hear every day about another strong relationship coming to an end because of a betrayal, do you think loyalty in love doesn't even exist anymore? Do you want to have a good and strong relationship, and having loyalty in love is important?

Of course it's what everyone ultimately wants when they embark on a new relationship. They want that strong bond, deep passion and complete and utter loyalty. If you're among the many who wish to find and foster loyalty in love, read this article to see what you can do.

Be Divine

Some women have that natural ability and knack for always looking well put together, even if they're just rushing out for a pint of milk. Most of us, however, fall into a fashion slump at some point or another.

When dating, it's important to pull out of that slump and put the effort into looking good. Dress to attract, set your hair wild and sexy and add a touch of make up. Just make sure you don't become overzealous and go out dressed like a harlot. You want to please his eyes and keep him motivated to getting closer, not slap him upside the head with your blatant sexuality.

Keep it Up

Sure your personality is important. He's going to fall for a woman who is kind, funny, witty and exciting, but through all this, he still wants a woman who is pleasing to the eye. Don't neglect your looks to the point where he'll no longer even bother looking your way.

You don't have to go all out all the time. Surprise him once in a while with a new outfit, sexy lingerie or a new hairstyle. This is exactly the type of thing that keeps relationships fresh and spicy.

Show Some Respect

Men's loyalty towards a woman can often shift and stray when the woman they love is constantly and consistently negative and whiny. Too often, women will start picking away at the man they supposedly love. Suddenly nothing he does is ever good enough. And instead of just stating the problem that makes her unhappy, she can often start to verbally attacking him, criticizing him for everything.

Men want to know they are loved and respected for the man they are.

A Two Way Street

Some women enter a committed relationship and want everything to go their way. They consider only their happiness and are constantly thinking of what their mate can do for them.

While men enjoy doing all they can to make their girl happy, there comes a point where the lack of balance in the relationship tips the scales and has them feeling unhappy about their place in the romance.

Make him happy and show your loyalty to him through your every action. Be considerate and thoughtful. Give him a break when he doesn't do everything as you wish.

The happier he is, the healthier the relationship will be and you'll automatically have loyalty in love.

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Are you wondering how you will be able to capture his heart forever? Are you thinking of the best ways of making him love you with all his heart? Do you want to be the perfect match for him?

When you are romantically attracted to someone you also long of making him love you and shower you with affection and the attention that you need. When you have strong feelings toward a guy, you want the romantic scenarios that you have conjured in your mind become a reality. Winning a man's love is possible when you know how to perfectly present your positive attributes that will make him realize and feel how deserving you are of his love.

Here are the tips in making him love you truly and have your dreams come to life.

Tip # 1: Get his Trust: A good way to start making him love you is by gaining his trust first. You can achieve this by showing him that he can count in you in time of troubles. When you are beside him to motivate him to move forward during difficult times, he will be able to feel how much he means to your life. This will make him share his life with you slowly and eventually give the love that you have been longing for.

Tip # 2: Bridge the Barrier: When the guy you love is hesitant in letting someone into his life; then you should find a way to break the wall that he has build to isolate himself from others. In making him love you, learning how to break the down the barrier that prevents him from sharing his love will help attain your goal of making him reciprocate your feelings. You should find out what is stopping him from letting his real emotions out. Once you know the root cause then you can start to show him the assurance and affection that will make him change his mind and finally allow you to have a glimpse of his real world.

Tip # 3: Enhance your Qualities: To become successful in making him love you unconditionally, you have to be honest in showing him the qualities that you possess. Use your qualities to make him realize and feel that your feelings for him is pure and that you make an effort to be a worthy partner for him. When a man sees and feels the sincerity and the positive qualities you have, his feeling for you will grow and become stronger each day.

Tip # 4: Share your Unconditional Love: To have a man's heart completely, you must show him that you accept him for who he is. You must be willing to accept his past and help him to become a better person. Make him feel that you will always be there for him no matter what and that you will not judge him for his mistakes. Show him that he will always have someone that he can share his thoughts and deepest emotions at the end of the day.

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