Still feeling unsure about your feelings for him? Do you think that you still need more time to get to know him better before saying yes to his proposal? Are you still having second thoughts if he is really the love of your life and the right one for you?

In a relationship, there comes a time when you will have second thoughts on whether the guy you are with is the right one for you or not. Your thoughts will be filled with questions on whether you are already in the arms of the guy you are destined to be with or if he is still out there. Finding the love of your life is not an easy task. Oftentimes you will meet the wrong people first before finally meeting your prince charming. So how do you know if you have already found him? The following can help you find the answer.

1. He Brings Out the Best in You: The love of your life will be the one to bring out the best in you. If you are the type of person who is always shy and prefer to be in the background then your guy will be the one to help you gain more confidence and let you have your own spotlight. If you have the reputation for having that bad girl image, your guy will help you shed out that image and help you become someone that your family and his family can be proud of.

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2. He Brightens your Day: You can't help but smile every time you see the love of your life. Even if you are feeling so down and low, that feeling will suddenly vanish every time you see your guy. He makes you feel happy and your days brighter. With him there is never a dull moment and your time together always leaves you smiling every minute of the day. Thus you always look forward to seeing him and always feel excited about it.

3. He is your Knight in Shining Armor: Whenever you have problems or difficulties, you can always count on the love of your life to save your day. He will be the first one to reach your side when you are in trouble. You always feel secured that someone will catch you if you fall. There are some cases when guys promise that they will always be beside you through thick and thin but they quickly vanish at the first sign of difficulties. However the right person will stick with you and will be your strength throughout the difficulty you are experiencing.

4. He is Willing to Make Sacrifices: You can honestly say that he is the love of your life if he is willing to make sacrifices just to make you happy. Love is all about sacrificing even your own happiness just to make your partner happy. If your guy can willingly do this then it means that he values you a lot more than you think he does. A guy who can sacrifice for love is truly someone worth loving.

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You have been with this guy ever since cupid struck and the relationship between the two of you is smooth and devoid of any hassles. But you are beset with some doubts about your relationship which makes you wonder sometimes if he indeed is the one for you? Here are some revealing tips to help you in your quest.

The way he loves you
Are there any parameters he has set or does he love you the way you are? If you try a new dish which is a disaster, he says it's the best thing you have ever made. He never criticises you over anything and overlooks all your flaws. If his love for you is unconditional, he is the one for you.

The way he takes your feelings
Does he consider your feelings while deciding something in his life or while deciding something that concerns both of you? If he asks for your opinions and viewpoints and seriously considers them before doing anything, he loves you sincerely.

The faith and trust between you
If none of you doubt each other's actions and the trust between you is such that even the strongest of all forces cannot sway it, then you know that your relationship is built to last. The love you have will always be there as trust is the crux in any relationship.

He makes you whole
You feel incomplete without him. Without him, you find no interest in the world and its charms. So, if he makes you feel complete and the fact that he is in your life the number one cause of your happiness, you know he is the one for you.

Your family is all taken in by him
If your family, especially your parents are happy about the choice of the man in your life, you know you are with the right man. Your parents are your topmost well wishers and if they have accepted him with all their heart, he is the right one for you.

He dedicatedly works on the relationship
Every relationship goes through its ups and downs. There are definitely times when you don't see eye to eye over something and have your fair share of fights and arguments. But even in the worst case scenario, if he does all that he can to put things right, means that love is the basis of his relationship with you.

He remembers those little things
Men are famous for their short memories when it comes to small things in life. But if your man remembers even the tiniest things in your relationship, you are very special to him. It could be anything, maybe your hairstyle on some date, a funny joke you shared, whatever. If he remembers those little things about you, he is the one for you.

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Have you always wanted to be loved and admired by your dream guy? Do you feel however that you will never be able to experience the love and admiration from him because he barely notices you? Do you think you will be able to find a way for him to notice you?

Love and admiration is something that all people desire. It is even better if the love and the admiration are coming from that one special person that you have been dreaming of all your life. Is your heart set on someone else but that person does not even know you exist? You do not have to despair. You can still have his love and admiration by following the simple tips provided, which can include:

1. Show Off Your Confidence: Girls with confidence are seen are individuals with no insecurities and guys find them pretty. Try to be confident. If you are the shy type of person then now is the time to shed off that shy personality and show off enough confidence to attract your dream guy. You will never have the love and admiration of your guy if you will continue to stay at a corner, too shy to come out of your shell. Try to carry yourself with confidence and you're one step away from finally gaining your guy's love and admiration.

2. Make Him Notice your Witty Humor: Guys like girls who are not too serious about things and can still goof around. If you are the Miss Prim and Proper, then try to loosen up if you want to be noticed by the guy you like and gain his love and admiration. A prim and proper image is projecting a very stiff personality and guys will not fall for such type. For guys, a very stiff personality means that the girl does not know how to have fun and this can mean boring.

3. Learn How to Flirt: Guys like girls who know how to flirt. If you are still naïve when it comes to the idea of flirting, then start learning now. A little flirting with the guy you like can be fun and exciting. Your guy will even find it a turn-on. You must not overdo the flirting though because guys might not like it. If gaining the love and admiration from your guy means having to show a little bit of naughtiness then try learning how to flirt and you can use the knowledge to your advantage.

4. Dress Up: Guys are easily attracted to good-looking girls and girls who know how to dress up and carry themselves with so much confidence. If you like wearing loose shirts and baggy jeans then you will never be able to have your guy's love and admiration. Try wearing stylish clothes that look good on you. Put some effort when it comes to what clothes to wear and how you look and your guy will surely notice the changes in you. Who knows? Your dream guy might even be the first one to approach you if he finds your new look attractive.

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